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by Maguari
Miami Seaquarium

by vogelcommando
Faunapark Flakkee

by devilfish
Alexandria Zoo

by Mr Wrinkly
Toronto Zoo

by Maguari
Chester Zoo

by Parrotsandrew
Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park

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Notes on Newquay (new posts)
I've just got back from Newquay Zoo, it's been a few years since my last visit so much has changed. Here, as this zoo has already been quite well covered, I'll mainly write about new...
» Posted by redpanda in the Newquay Zoo forum
» 136 replies; 12,955 views
Taronga Zoo 2014 (new posts)
To start off news for the year (well technically last year): a female Andean condor chick hatched in December:
» Posted by Jabiru96 in the Taronga Zoo forum
» 93 replies; 6,464 views
Fun facts about the Ebola virus (new posts)
The worst known outbreak of Ebola virus is burning through West Africa in summer 2014. More than 700 people have died and it is creating social havoc as hysteria rides along with the disease. The...
» Posted by DavidBrown in the Wildlife & Nature Conservation forum
» 9 replies; 222 views
Snowleopard's 2014 Road Trip (new posts)
This weekend I will embark on my 5th road trip of the past 7 summers and counting my 2007 honeymoon (14 Australian zoos) it is technically the 6th trip of the past 8 summers. This time around I will...
» Posted by snowleopard in the United States forum
» 22 replies; 836 views
Chester Zoo (food and drink free) (new posts)
Now on show in the Tropical Realm asr Green Crested Lizards (Bronchocela cristatella) with the Indochinese Box turtles and Rio Maranon Poison Frogs (Excidobates mysteriosus) in the former eyelash...
» Posted by bongorob in the Chester Zoo forum
» 22 replies; 1,218 views
Bee-eaters nesting in the UK (new posts)
A very rare nesting on the Isle of Wight : Wildlife Extra News - Rare bee-eaters nest on the Isle of Wight for first time on record
» Posted by vogelcommando in the United Kingdom forum
» 5 replies; 226 views
Space Invaders of the Ecological Kind: Are there... (new posts)
I just read a cover story on invasive species in the July 28, 2014 issue of Time magazine. The first paragraph is online as I write this, but unfortunately the story is behind a paywall: Invasive...
» Posted by DavidBrown in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 10 replies; 140 views
News from italian zoo 2013 (new posts)
hi, i open this thread for the news about the italian zoo for this year (sorry for english) Zoom Torino: - the park open the new area called Serengeti that host White Rhino (1 male, there isn't...
» Posted by Piko in the Italy forum
» 146 replies; 7,410 views
Gallery Request Thread 2014 (new posts)
This thread is for requesting new zoos to be added to their respective country's gallery. When you make a request, please include full name of zoo, relevant country, and a website if one exists....
» Posted by zooboy28 in the ZooChat Website Help & Feedback forum
» 103 replies; 2,316 views
Where do Camels Belong - Ken Thompson (new posts)
Has anyone read this book> What are your thoughts on the book itself and the ideas he raises?
» Posted by jay in the TV, Movies, Books about Zoos & Wildlife forum
» 2 replies; 59 views

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Common Marmoset (new posts)

» Posted by Paix in the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
General View in the Tropical Hall (new posts)
Waterfall exhibit on the right holding Argentine Black & White Tegu, wooden build on the left holding Pygmy Marmosets.
» Posted by Paix in the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Pygmy Marmoset (new posts)

» Posted by Paix in the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Outdoor Deg Enclosure (new posts)

» Posted by Paix in the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Meerkat Pup (new posts)

» Posted by Paix in the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Argentine Black and White Tegu (new posts)
New addition to the waterfall exhibit, previously where the Pygmy Marmoset island was situated.
» Posted by Paix in the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Red Forest Duiker (new posts)
12 July 2014
» Posted by Nisha in the Chester Zoo forum
» 5 replies; 262 views
Original Red Forest Duiker image (pre-edit) (new posts)
For Pootle - who was asking about editing (edited version below) The edited image is cropped from the original, slightly sharpened and the colour brighten up slightly but otherwise the image is the...
» Posted by Nisha in the Chester Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 28 views
Lindy (new posts)
Lindy is a beautiful male. Photo taken on July 27 2014
» Posted by Megakillerwhale in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 41 views
Tiger Viewing at Chester, 23/07/14 (new posts)

» Posted by Jordan-Jaguar97 in the Chester Zoo forum
» 1 replies; 107 views
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