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by tigris115
San Diego Zoo Safari Park

by tigris115
San Diego Zoo Safari Park

by zoogiraffe
United Kingdom - Other

by KevinB
Olmense Zoo

by KevinB
Olmense Zoo

by LaughingDove
Tiergarten Schönbrunn

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The Islands development (new posts)
In today's Z magazine for Chester members (Spring 2012), Mark Pilgrim has given the first information about the Islands project which has been under development since the Heart of Africa scheme was...
» Posted by gentle lemur in the Chester Zoo forum
» 417 replies; 56,516 views
Highland wildlife park news 2015 (new posts)
Abridged from the blog, looking ahead to this year; Early 2015 will also see the arrival of a female polar bear at Highland Wildlife Park. Her large enclosure has been completed and is ready to...
» Posted by kiang in the Highland Wildlife Park forum
» 24 replies; 3,218 views
Zoo Halle News (new posts)
All three African elephant cows are pregnant. "Bibi"is due in September, it will be her fourth calf, two were born at Tierpark Berlin, the third in 2013 at Halle, but she killed it immediately...
» Posted by Bib Fortuna in the Germany forum
» 0 replies; 26 views
Lions mating in missionary position (new posts)
Here are Zuri and Safina, a pair of lions at Linton Zoo, Cambridgeshire. They regularly mate in the missionary position as shown. On U-tube is a video of an attempted such mating but the only actual...
» Posted by Ailouros in the United Kingdom forum
» 1 replies; 215 views
Mixed Exhibits (new posts)
I design zoos in my spare time and I try to make them as realistic as possible, but I also include a lot of mixed exhibits so would these work. I know their have been similar threads but not with...
» Posted by Macaw16 in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 72 replies; 2,792 views
Playing with snow leopards (new posts)
I attach a pair of photos I took almost a year ago at Twycross Zoo on 1 May 2014. A young snow leopard - I believe it was his first birthday - stood up with his paws on the glass, looking at a child...
» Posted by Ailouros in the United Kingdom forum
» 5 replies; 181 views
Zoo Licence I learnt something new (new posts)
Today I took a trip to Van Hagues in Ware,Herts. It is a large garden centre with what I can call a pets corner with a few exotics there.It is also free to acess but I saw they had a Zoo Licence. I...
» Posted by garyjp in the United Kingdom forum
» 7 replies; 446 views
Jurassic world (new posts)
Since a couple of month, they are working on Juarssic World, the fourth Jurassic park movie. As far as I know, they filming now in a Zoo-probably in the Usa, because they are filming also on Hawaii....
» Posted by Bib Fortuna in the Zoo Cafe forum
» 76 replies; 3,357 views
SPIX MACAW. (new posts)
just heard that Loro Parc(tenerife) have hatched another Spix Macaw chick in the last week or so. I think this will mean they have five birds now as follows; Pair 1(breeding pair) Female; bred...
» Posted by Pertinax in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 101 replies; 14,120 views
Chester Zoo Game (new posts)
I will make a riddle for a animal from Chester Zoo and you have to guess. If you get it right then it's your turn, okay? This continues. Have great fun! Riddle: I come from the peaceful country...
» Posted by lowland anoa in the Zoo Cafe forum
» 573 replies; 12,361 views

New Gallery Comments   » Today's

Duck species to be identified (new posts)
Can someone help me identify this duck? Thanks in advance!
» Posted by KevinB in the To Be Identified forum
» 5 replies; 105 views
Heppenheim Bird Park - Brass' friarbird (new posts)
The rarest bird species and one of two friarbird species at Heppenheim Bird Park: Brass' friarbird (Philemon brassi).
» Posted by Kowari in the Vogelpark Heppenheim forum
» 2 replies; 810 views
Sumatran rhino Torgamba (new posts)
Sumatran rhino \'Torgamba\' - taken by my dad early 90s and scanned recently.
» Posted by Lemurs in the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park forum
» 0 replies; 35 views
Golden Lion Tamirin. (new posts)
26th April 2015
» Posted by ZooGirl101 in the Apenheul Primate Park forum
» 3 replies; 68 views
Ratel / honey badger : Howletts : 30 Mar 2015 (new posts)
Mellivora capensis. I think this is the female, "Bee Bee" (M. c. capensis, approx age 8 years).
» Posted by ro6ca66 in the Howletts Wild Animal Park forum
» 3 replies; 150 views
African wildcat : Howletts : 30 Mar 2015 (new posts)
Felis silvestris lybica.
» Posted by ro6ca66 in the Howletts Wild Animal Park forum
» 3 replies; 136 views
Male Bateleur Eagle in Snowdon Aviary 1995. (new posts)
There was a pair in here for a while. Possibly to deter rodents or starlings/sparrows ? Dated 23/4/95. The bird below is a female Indian Peahen.
» Posted by Nanook in the ZSL London Zoo forum
» 4 replies; 455 views
Very weird taxidermy exhibit (new posts)

» Posted by FunkyGibbon in the Horniman Museum and Gardens forum
» 3 replies; 164 views
Rosella species? (new posts)
I know this is a rosella, but I\'m unsure of the exact species. Sign by exhibit said crimson rosella, but I\'m unsure. Can someone help me?
» Posted by KevinB in the To Be Identified forum
» 2 replies; 64 views
Auckland Zoo guide - approx 1961 (new posts)
Recently purchased from Australia (via Abebooks) for my own collection - I thought I'd upload an image of the cover for anyone who's interested :)
» Posted by Nisha in the Auckland Zoo forum
» 3 replies; 77 views
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