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by Wild wolverine
Manitowoc Lincoln Park Zoo

by adrian1963
Birdland Park & Gardens

by Jordan-Jaguar97
Chester Zoo

by Javin 98
Chengdu Zoo

by GregOz
Taronga Western Plains Zoo

by Sipmark
Blaavand Zoo

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New exhibit's 2014 (new posts)
In 2014 the bronx zoo will be opening two new exhibits. The first of these is widely known as the Komodo dragon exhibit. This will take up half of Zoo Center (former elephant house) and the yards...
» Posted by uszoo in the Bronx Zoo forum
» 26 replies; 929 views
Bronx Zoo news (new posts)
Giraffe calf born at the zoo. YouTube - Giraffe Calf at the Bronx Zoo First Lion cub born at the zoo for the first time in 30 years. YouTube - Adorable Lion Cub Debuts at the Bronx Zoo
» Posted by mstickmanp in the Bronx Zoo forum
» 427 replies; 37,184 views
Guess the zoo (new posts)
Look, I do not know if this have been done before, but here it is. The game is to guess which zoo this is with only a few hints. The person that guesses the right zoo, will get to choose the next...
» Posted by Norwegian moose in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 259 replies; 4,651 views
news thread 2 (new posts)
The fourth aquarium building is set to open in a month or so. The photo on the website (link attached) shows a white (leucistic) sea turtle. Not sure if that is a new resident or just a photo they...
» Posted by Arizona Docent in the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium forum
» 24 replies; 2,656 views
San Diego Zoo News 2014 (new posts)
Hope no one minds if I start a new thread for a new year. Mila the elephant has been released from quarantine and I got a good look at her today. My first good look at Mila. - YouTube I talked to...
» Posted by betsy in the San Diego Zoo forum
» 62 replies; 6,423 views
Hamerton News (new posts)
From facebook page:
» Posted by ZooLeopard in the Hamerton Zoo Park forum
» 127 replies; 12,505 views
Lisbon Oceanarium (new posts)
So, I think it´s time for Portugal´s Main Attraction to have an own thread. The Lisbon...
» Posted by filipinos in the Oceanário de Lisboa forum
» 3 replies; 375 views
What's Gnu at the Cincinnati Zoo - 2014 (new posts)
I feel bad starting this thread since it was originally Kudu21 who came up with the title two years ago... Setting that aside, here's to another great year for the zoo. 2013 was one of it's most...
» Posted by Moebelle in the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden forum
» 142 replies; 7,896 views
another Arizona jaguar and ocelot (new posts)
The cats just keep coming here in my corner of the world :) Wildlife Monitoring Cameras Click Jaguar and Ocelot Photos | UANews
» Posted by Arizona Docent in the Wildlife & Nature Conservation forum
» 1 replies; 146 views
2014 ZooChat Big Year (new posts)
It's that time again. Get out your binoculars, spotting scopes, and cameras, let's do another big year! Start counting your birds (and mammals, and reptiles, and whatever else you want to list).
» Posted by jbnbsn99 in the Wildlife & Nature Conservation forum
» 422 replies; 8,379 views

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razor-billed curassow aviary (new posts)
photo taken 1992. There are no longer any curassows in NZ and I believe only one (or two?) left in Australia
» Posted by Chlidonias in the Auckland Zoo forum
» 38 replies; 1,625 views
Arabian Gazelle? (new posts)

» Posted by zoogiraffe in the Blackpool Zoo forum
» 14 replies; 1,222 views
Elephants (new posts)

» Posted by Javin 98 in the Chengdu Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 39 views
King Cheetah and cubs - Taronga Western Plains... (new posts)

» Posted by GregOz in the Taronga Western Plains Zoo forum
» 3 replies; 39 views
King Cheetah - Taronga Western Plains Zoo visit... (new posts)

» Posted by GregOz in the Taronga Western Plains Zoo forum
» 1 replies; 23 views
Macaque enclosure, November 2013. (new posts)
Photo taken on the 15th November 2013.
» Posted by devilfish in the Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa forum
» 2 replies; 169 views
Sea Otter Exhibit at Lisbon Oceanarium, 25/05/11 (new posts)
Home to what I believe are now the only sea otters in Europe, a trio of the Northern subspecies, Enhydra lutris lutris. This area also showed me my first Black Oystercatcher, Haematopus bachmani,...
» Posted by Maguari in the Oceanário de Lisboa forum
» 1 replies; 386 views
View of site rules sign (new posts)

» Posted by zoogiraffe in the Crocodiles of the World forum
» 2 replies; 33 views
Exit sign (new posts)

» Posted by zoogiraffe in the Crocodiles of the World forum
» 1 replies; 28 views
ID Please (new posts)
7 of 22
» Posted by adrian1963 in the West Midland Safari and Leisure Park forum
» 4 replies; 52 views
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