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by Mr Wrinkly
Toronto Zoo

by Tomek
Zoo Heidelberg

by Pleistohorse
Alaska Zoo

by Pleistohorse
Alaska Zoo

by dirkplug
Van Blanckendaell Park

by ThylacineAlive
St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

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Do You Travel? (new posts)
In our increasingly globalised world, international travel is now the easiest, safest and cheapest it has ever been. In New Zealand, a huge proportion of young adults go overseas after finishing high...
» Posted by zooboy28 in the Zoo Cafe forum
» 28 replies; 441 views
Montgomery Zoo News (new posts)
Female Indian rhino Jeta passed away. :(
» Posted by Milwaukee Man in the Montgomery Zoo forum
» 8 replies; 753 views
Zoo News (new posts)
New Greater Kudu calf at the zoo. Meet Kenya, the Birmingham Zoo's new baby kudu | al.com
» Posted by gerenuk in the Birmingham Zoo (Alabama) forum
» 34 replies; 3,215 views
Flora and Fauna of the Former Aral Sea (new posts)
What kinds of animals lived in the former Southern Aral Sea? While we're at it what kinds of plants lived on the shoreline as well? In particular I'm interested in what kinds of fish lived in it. Was...
» Posted by wensleydale in the Wildlife & Nature Conservation forum
» 1 replies; 31 views
Vegetarian? (new posts)
Just wondered how many zoochatters are vegetarian?
» Posted by lechweoryx in the Zoo Cafe forum
» 125 replies; 5,681 views
SD sea world 2013 (new posts)
It has been a long time since anyone talked about sea world. First, sea world is going to get a water park aquatica. They bought knotts berry farm's san diego water park and hopefully it will be...
» Posted by sandiegomaster in the SeaWorld San Diego forum
» 57 replies; 6,573 views
Australian zoo mammal questions (new posts)
Most of you out there are probably aware that at the top of the NZ and Australia forums I have threads listing all the exotic mammals in those countries' zoos. Both started off as bald lists --...
» Posted by Chlidonias in the Australia forum
» 16 replies; 785 views
Zoo News thread 2 (new posts)
The dates are set for this year's Friday Nights. Zoo will reopen from 5pm to 8pm every Friday from May 18 to July 6. The reason we do not extend it into late July and August is that is the monsoon...
» Posted by Arizona Docent in the Reid Park Zoo forum
» 131 replies; 10,042 views
New Zealand Zoo List (new posts)
Here is a list of the places in NZ that display captive wildlife, including zoos, bird parks, aquariums, etc. They are arranged roughly in order from north to south. There may still be some missing,...
» Posted by Chlidonias in the New Zealand forum
» 69 replies; 22,821 views
San Diego Safari Park thread 2 (new posts)
The thread is quite long so I'm starting a new one, Last night the park had there 118th birth of an endangered Rothschild giraffe.
» Posted by sandiegomaster in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park forum
» 144 replies; 16,871 views

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Clouded Leopard (new posts)
Cannot resist putting up another of this beautiful animal. M Mingma and F Pavarti were switched a few minutes after I arrived and they were both quite active, and talkative. This is Mingma.
» Posted by Mr Wrinkly in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 3 replies; 22 views
Oct. 2014 - Africa-Asia-Sou... (new posts)

» Posted by Moebelle in the Milwaukee County Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 23 views
Wallabies (new posts)
Bennett\'s in front, Swamp behind.
» Posted by Mr Wrinkly in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 6 views
Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat (new posts)

» Posted by Mr Wrinkly in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 7 views
Cheetah (new posts)
Yesterday for the first time in a month the 3 sisters were on exhibit together after Tika recovered from a scratch on her leg. Emma was out with them for only one day after keepers realized she...
» Posted by Mr Wrinkly in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 7 views
Grevys Zebra (new posts)
Tori and Jake, expectant parents. Youngsters Luke and Leia have been separated out because they being transferred to Parc Safari.
» Posted by Mr Wrinkly in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 8 views
Polar Bear (new posts)
Humphrey, 1 year old in two weeks.
» Posted by Mr Wrinkly in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 13 views
Jul. 2014 - Asia Quest - Pachyderms - Rhino Trek... (new posts)
July 31, 2014 - Black Rhinoceros
» Posted by Moebelle in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium forum
» 3 replies; 473 views
Oct. 2014 - North America - Grizzly Bear Watching... (new posts)

» Posted by Moebelle in the Milwaukee County Zoo forum
» 1 replies; 24 views
Moose - Alaska (new posts)
September 2014
» Posted by Pleistohorse in the United States - Wildlife forum
» 0 replies; 11 views
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