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by carlos55
Havana Zoo

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Veszprem Zoo

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by FunkyGibbon

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Chester Zoo

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Zürich Zoo

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Vegetarian? (new posts)
Just wondered how many zoochatters are vegetarian?
» Posted by lechweoryx in the Zoo Cafe forum
» 130 replies; 6,768 views
2015 Big Year (new posts)
Let's do it again! I know I'm a day early in this post, but it'll soon be 2015 in parts of the world. Get your binoculars, spotting scopes, birding guides, and cameras ready. Let's bird!
» Posted by jbnbsn99 in the Wildlife & Nature Conservation forum
» 377 replies; 10,313 views
Chester Zoo Game (new posts)
I will make a riddle for a animal from Chester Zoo and you have to guess. If you get it right then it's your turn, okay? This continues. Have great fun! Riddle: I come from the peaceful country...
» Posted by lowland anoa in the Zoo Cafe forum
» 175 replies; 3,008 views
Oregon Zoo Elephants (new posts)
Current Census: Name.......Sex..DOB....Birth Location...Sire..........Dam Packy.......M....1962...Portland, OR.....Thonglaw..Belle Tusko.......M....1971...Wild, Asia.........Wild.........Wild...
» Posted by okapikpr in the Oregon Zoo forum
» 37 replies; 6,811 views
Design a Zoo (new posts)
I don't know if this is in the right place, but I can't think of anywhere else to put it so this seemed my best option. Anyway, title says it all. Design your own zoo, note down which species you...
» Posted by Javan Rhino in the Fantasy Zoos forum
» 891 replies; 87,747 views
Who and how many zoochatters have you met? (new posts)
After meeting up with Jbnbsn99 from Dallas who told me he had met allot of fellow zoochatters l was wondering who has met who and how many have met??? Myself Sim Hix Ng100 KC Zoo fan Drew...
» Posted by zooman in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 82 replies; 4,579 views
Do you find polls a waste of time? (new posts)
It's the weekend and I had some free time. This is what I did with it.
» Posted by DavidBrown in the Zoo Cafe forum
» 14 replies; 848 views
Macaques escape (new posts)
A search is continuing for two monkeys who escaped from their enclosure at Belfast zoo. Six lion-tailed macaques managed to get out on Monday - four have since been returned. The other two monkeys...
» Posted by kiang in the Belfast Zoo forum
» 7 replies; 1,222 views
Online Zoo Animal Databases (new posts)
It is quite common on Zoochat for members (especially new members) to ask if there is anywhere they can look up what animals are kept where in the world's zoos. So I have made the following list so...
» Posted by Chlidonias in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 15 replies; 3,180 views
Google street view (new posts)
Hi all , some of you may already know this but you can actually walk round some zoos on Google street view. So far I know that this applies for Yorkshire wildlife park, Bristol zoo, longleat...
» Posted by banham.tiger in the United Kingdom forum
» 1 replies; 76 views

New Gallery Comments   » Today's

Jerroh and Lindy (new posts)
Two beautiful brothers on March Break :)
» Posted by Megakillerwhale in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 45 views
Luca (new posts)
We was so glad do see him and her sister out on display.
» Posted by Megakillerwhale in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 56 views
A flying Pixel 30-3-15 (new posts)
A very playful and acrobatic new polar bear that makes YWP one of the most exciting zoos in the UK (in my humble opinion)
» Posted by Big Rob in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park forum
» 1 replies; 35 views
Pixel drying off. 30-3-15 (new posts)
Pixel on the island in the middle of Number 1 enclosure lake. The first time i have seen a bear on it. I think its too steep for Victor to get his 500kg onto it.
» Posted by Big Rob in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park forum
» 0 replies; 19 views
Victor and Pixel 29th March 2015 (new posts)
Victor wandering after Pixel. Pixel still a little afraid to be too close to victor
» Posted by veeboy31 in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park forum
» 2 replies; 153 views
Victor and Pixel 30-3-15 (new posts)
The 2 polar bears in the same enclosure. Victor wants to make friends but the much smaller Pixel (Victors grandson) is still a little apprehensive. They got within 20 feet earlier today so i think...
» Posted by Big Rob in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park forum
» 0 replies; 17 views
Den/cave in 3rd polar bear enclosure. 30-3-15 (new posts)
Den with one of the contractors for scale. A lot closer to the public than in the 1st enclosure.
» Posted by Big Rob in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park forum
» 0 replies; 24 views
Info board for newly arrived bear. 30-3-15 (new posts)
Information on Pixel. What it doesn't say is that Pixel is actually one of Victors grandson's.
» Posted by Big Rob in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park forum
» 0 replies; 26 views
Number 3 enclosure in Project Polar 30-3-15 (new posts)
Number 3 enclosure,but the 2nd to be finished very soon.
» Posted by Big Rob in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park forum
» 0 replies; 23 views
Giant panda in Ueno zoo (new posts)
Riri, the Giant panda Feb.08.2013
» Posted by Jihoon Lee in the Ueno Zoo forum
» 8 replies; 859 views
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