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by Maguari
Miami Seaquarium

by vogelcommando
ZOO Antwerpen

by JaxElephant
Phoenix Zoo

by Hexaprotodon
Bioparco di Roma

by betsy
San Diego Zoo Safari Park

by vogelcommando
ZOO Antwerpen

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Species on the brink of disappearing from U.K... (new posts)
Just been looking on ISIS and noticed that South Lakes are down too 2.1.1 Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby,surely this species is not going to be around within the next 5 years does anybody else know of any...
» Posted by zoogiraffe in the United Kingdom forum
» 197 replies; 14,101 views
Rare Breed Livestock in Zoos (new posts)
A lot of the zoos I go to regularly have petting areas. One of them, Roger Williams has kept rare breed livestock, eg. Dexter cows in the past (back when the barnyard was an unofficial petting area,...
» Posted by wensleydale in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
The Nonsense Thread (new posts)
I made this thread as a place for people to just fool around, crack bad jokes, and just talk about whatever you want (What you ate for breakfast, what your cat just ate, how much Avatar is like...
» Posted by ThylacineAlive in the Zoo Cafe forum
» 891 replies; 19,993 views
Park News (new posts)
Miami Seaquarium’s Andrew Hertz to become chair of Visit Florida board - Business - MiamiHerald.com The park recently underwent a change of ownership. Or one is imminent. I forget how the...
» Posted by wensleydale in the Miami Seaquarium forum
» 7 replies; 448 views
Mulhouse Zoo (new posts)
According to ISIS, Mulhouse houses 0.1 red-backed bearded Saki (Chiropotes Chiropotes). The holding of 0.1 Uta Hicks' bearded saki (Chiropotes Utahickae) has been removed from ISIS (where, i thought,...
» Posted by jwer in the Zoo Mulhouse forum
» 23 replies; 2,635 views
GaiaPark Kerkrade Zoo (new posts)
Have the Bat-eared Foxes live in a mixed exhibit yet? In the past there was a plan to mix them with an other African species ... If anybody has information about this, please let me know ...
» Posted by Orycteropus in the GaiaZOO Kerkrade forum
» 50 replies; 5,711 views
Planckendael animal park, Mechelen, Belgium. (new posts)
The RZSA (Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp) has 2 parks: The Antwerp Zoo (since 1843) and since 1956 there also is second park, called Planckendael. Maybe some of you have been there already. ...
» Posted by Marc in the Planckendael forum
» 95 replies; 13,341 views
Hix returns to East Africa (new posts)
Last year when I visited East Africa I wanted to visit four countries - Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda - but after doing some research realised I could only afford to visit one. As Mountain...
» Posted by Hix in the Africa & Middle East - General forum
» 10 replies; 273 views
New Frog-species (new posts)
A new tiny frog-species discribed from Brazil : A tiny new species of frog from Brazil with a heroic name | Science Codex
» Posted by vogelcommando in the Wildlife & Nature Conservation forum
» 0 replies; 11 views
YWP Project Polar (new posts)
Continuing from YWP 2013 news thread: Best of luck to YWP with this venture :)
» Posted by Nisha in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park forum
» 85 replies; 9,197 views

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Namaqua Dove (Oena capensis) (new posts)

» Posted by Kakapo in the ZOO Plzeň forum
» 1 replies; 60 views
Brown bear exhibit @ Zagreb Zoo, Croatia (new posts)
American black bear and Sun bears live in the same circumstances, too. Photo taken August 2005. (paperphoto, poor quality)
» Posted by Orycteropus in the Zagreb Zoo forum
» 3 replies; 1,460 views
More Azara`s Agouti 12/4/2014 (new posts)
And then there were 7 ... No , make that 8 - there`s an Agouti backside disappearing into the tube under the twigs ...
» Posted by Potamogale in the Exmoor Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Azara`s Agouti 12/4/2014 (new posts)
Anyone know the collective noun for a group of Agouti ? ( or should that be Agoutis ?? ) Here are 6 of them anyhow ...
» Posted by Potamogale in the Exmoor Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 6 views
Southern Bald Ibis 12/4/2014 (new posts)
3 of these lovely birds ( including one sitting on the nest which I assume was the one that produced a chick some time after my visit ...)
» Posted by Potamogale in the Exmoor Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 18 views
Superb Signage (new posts)
Well I thought this was wonderful - funny and informative and typical of the signage at Exmoor - Bravo !! ( even if it is a bit dog-eared ... \'scuse the pun )
» Posted by Potamogale in the Exmoor Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 11 views
Bat Eared Foxes 12/4/2014 (new posts)
Following the tried and tested technique of following a keeper around meant that I managed to catch both of these otherwise somnolent animals up and about !!
» Posted by Potamogale in the Exmoor Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 12 views
European Black Vulture at Chester, 23/07/14 (new posts)
Aegypius monachus
» Posted by Jordan-Jaguar97 in the Chester Zoo forum
» 1 replies; 29 views
Tree Porcupine taking his rightful place 12/4/2014 (new posts)
While some of the Peafowl were still around most got out of the way of this fella once he started climbing ...
» Posted by Potamogale in the Exmoor Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 10 views
Tree Porcupine Enclosure ... (new posts)
Obviously NOT Tree Porcupines ... not that any of the visitors I saw/heard thought that they were ( obviously a more educated kind of visitor at Exmoor !! ) (12/4/2014 )
» Posted by Potamogale in the Exmoor Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 16 views
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