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by Javan Rhino
Dolfinarium Harderwijk

by TZFan
Toronto Zoo

by ro6ca66
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

by zoogiraffe
Wingham Wildlife Park

by zoogiraffe
Wingham Wildlife Park

by Javan Rhino
Berlin Zoo Aquarium

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Bronx Zoo News #2 (new posts)
Well with 2015 a few days away and the old news thread getting a bit long, I figured why not make a new one? Now I don't have any big news but I visited today so have a couple of little bits. ...
» Posted by ThylacineAlive in the Bronx Zoo forum
» 249 replies; 17,254 views
SeaWorld San Diego News 2015 (new posts)
I just realized it isn't 2013 anymore. Nearly two dozen marine mammals are being cared for SeaWorld following last weeks oil spill. SeaWorld Now Caring For 15 Sea Lions, 6 Seals From Oil...
» Posted by wensleydale in the SeaWorld San Diego forum
» 18 replies; 1,681 views
Smithsonian National Zoo News (new posts)
Andean Bear gives birth to cubs: Andean Bear Gives Birth to Two Cubs - National Zoo| FONZ
» Posted by mstickmanp in the Smithsonian National Zoo forum
» 912 replies; 80,062 views
Durrell news (new posts)
1.0 Sumatran Orangutan was born yesterday (1st April) to Anette and Dagu. The first birth of this species in Jersey for several years.... Baby has been named "Jantho"
» Posted by Nisha in the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust forum
» 223 replies; 24,176 views
Exhibition: "Georgian Exotic Creatures" at the... (new posts)
ZooChatters interested in zoo history might be like to know about this forthcoming exhibition:- Georgian Exotic Creatures comes to the Royal Pavilion, Brighton | Royal Pavilion and Museums...
» Posted by Tim May in the Events & Meetups forum
» 0 replies; 21 views
African Mixed Species Exhibit Questions (new posts)
A few questions about the mixed species African exhibit Can anyone help me find out the quantity of baboons, giraffes, and rhinos in the exhibit? Anything special in the any they manage...
» Posted by Drew in the South Lakes Wild Animal Park forum
» 2 replies; 180 views
Columbus Zoo News - 2015 (new posts)
New year, New thread for Columbus Zoo! In support for Ohio State's recent football game the zoo has posted multiple pictures on their twitter account of their animals and keepers doing the OHIO...
» Posted by SamMetz in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium forum
» 103 replies; 12,032 views
Elephants in Zoos (new posts)
Earlier today, I read this article: Popular Zoo Elephants Likely to Get Harder to See in Future - ABC News Is this just Anti-Zoo propaganda, or are Elephants really dissapearing from zoos? What...
» Posted by Beastking04 in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 37 replies; 2,946 views
What determines a zoos collection ? (new posts)
Just wondered what determines a zoos collection ? what is the thinking behind it ? Why have Lions not tigers for instance? I assume we all acknowledge space as a factor and knowledge on the species.
» Posted by garyjp in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 1 replies; 101 views
Mixed species exhibits #2 (new posts)
Haven't read all the threads in this, so I apologise if I'm repeating someone - but they have prairie dogs in with the bison at Whipsnade, on "Bison Hill" - which I know isn't even remotely...
» Posted by Ungulata in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 147 replies; 6,943 views

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Spotted Python (Antaresia maculosa) (new posts)
This is my pet spotted Python if anyone wants care tips on these just ask me.
» Posted by animal_expert01 in the Australia - Other forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Arabian sand cat (new posts)
Adult male. Exmoor, 4th October 2015.
» Posted by gentle lemur in the Exmoor Zoo forum
» 1 replies; 29 views
Fishing cat : Port Lympne : 29 Aug 2015 (new posts)
Prionailurus viverrinus.
» Posted by ro6ca66 in the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park forum
» 1 replies; 107 views
Aye-aye : Bristol : 22 Sep 2015 (new posts)
Daubentonia madagascariensis. One of the young aye-ayes, with an adult (obscured by the youngster's tail). Twilight World. Taken during the dark period, so apologies for the poor quality - I...
» Posted by ro6ca66 in the Bristol Zoo forum
» 1 replies; 86 views
Pardine Genets (new posts)

» Posted by zoogiraffe in the Wingham Wildlife Park forum
» 5 replies; 146 views
persian pallas cat (Otocolobus manul... (new posts)
Source: www.doe.ir Department of Environmental Resources Recently been found in the chicken farms Fortunately, it was returned to nature
» Posted by fofo in the Iran - Wildlife forum
» 2 replies; 2,623 views
Black and red froghopper (new posts)
May 27 St. Peter Ording, Schleswig Holstein. Cercopis vulnerata
» Posted by vogelcommando in the Germany - Wildlife forum
» 0 replies; 19 views
Common redpoll (new posts)
May 27 2015, St. Peter Ording, Schleswig Holstein
» Posted by vogelcommando in the Germany - Wildlife forum
» 0 replies; 12 views
Common redpoll (new posts)
May 27 2015, St. Peter Ording, Schleswig Holstein
» Posted by vogelcommando in the Germany - Wildlife forum
» 0 replies; 15 views
Black-shanked douc older cub and its mother (new posts)
Another earlier-born baby and its mother :)
» Posted by baboon in the Nanning Zoo forum
» 1 replies; 68 views
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