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by Pleistohorse
Honolulu Zoo

by Pleistohorse
Honolulu Zoo

by Chlidonias
Penang Bird Park

by Newzooboy
United States - Wildlife

by GregOz
Taronga Western Plains Zoo

by Newzooboy
Prospect Park Zoo

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Tiger diversity (new posts)
A solution to save the tiger ??? : Diverse gene pool critical for tigers' survival, say experts -- ScienceDaily
» Posted by vogelcommando in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 6 replies; 181 views
Taronga Zoo 2014 (new posts)
To start off news for the year (well technically last year): a female Andean condor chick hatched in December:
» Posted by Jabiru96 in the Taronga Zoo forum
» 35 replies; 2,415 views
Bronx Zoo news (new posts)
Giraffe calf born at the zoo. YouTube - Giraffe Calf at the Bronx Zoo First Lion cub born at the zoo for the first time in 30 years. YouTube - Adorable Lion Cub Debuts at the Bronx Zoo
» Posted by mstickmanp in the Bronx Zoo forum
» 428 replies; 37,262 views
Melbourne Zoo News 2014 (new posts)
Surprisingly little news so far this year, but the zoo has just announced its first (five) big births for the year on Facebook: There's a photo there too! This is the second-ever breeding...
» Posted by zooboy28 in the Melbourne Zoo forum
» 19 replies; 1,209 views
zoo Zlín (new posts)
From the 4th May will start construction of new facilities for Ethiopian fauna. This will include exhibits for Gellada baboons, hyraxes (daman) and the biggest aviary with steel construction in Czech...
» Posted by cockroach in the Zlín Zoo forum
» 47 replies; 5,219 views
Copenhagen Zoo news 2013 and 2014 (new posts)
An Asian elephant has been born Click on the link for video: En lille nyfødt på 80 kilo til København Zoo | Nyheder | DR It's the first in 8 years - and the first in the new elephant house....
» Posted by Shirokuma in the Zoo København forum
» 59 replies; 3,743 views
Two amazon river dolphins to Korea (new posts)
Someone on the dutch forums found this odd bit of news on Ceta-Base, the captive cetacean database. Oct 24 2010 Inia Transport Artemis Acq. Valencia → Korea Oct 24 2010 Inia Transport Zeus Acq....
» Posted by jwer in the Asia - General forum
» 43 replies; 4,546 views
New exhibit's 2014 (new posts)
In 2014 the bronx zoo will be opening two new exhibits. The first of these is widely known as the Komodo dragon exhibit. This will take up half of Zoo Center (former elephant house) and the yards...
» Posted by uszoo in the Bronx Zoo forum
» 27 replies; 993 views
Roger Williams Park Zoo News (new posts)
2.0 Sichuan Takin now on exhibit in Marco Polo Trek. Sichuan Takin exhibit opened at Roger Williams Park Zoo | Roger Williams Zoo
» Posted by Gulo gulo in the Roger Williams Park Zoo forum
» 87 replies; 5,374 views
Guess the zoo (new posts)
Look, I do not know if this have been done before, but here it is. The game is to guess which zoo this is with only a few hints. The person that guesses the right zoo, will get to choose the next...
» Posted by Norwegian moose in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 259 replies; 4,671 views

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White rhinoceros; 19th April; 2014 (new posts)

» Posted by Tim May in the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Orangutan Exhibit Construction at Blackpool Zoo,... (new posts)

» Posted by Jordan-Jaguar97 in the Blackpool Zoo forum
» 1 replies; 55 views
Lesser Bird Of Paradise - Apr 2014 (new posts)
World Of Birds
» Posted by Newzooboy in the Bronx Zoo forum
» 9 replies; 101 views
Hippopotamus; Whipsnade; 19th April 2014 (new posts)

» Posted by Tim May in the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Japanese Serow Exhibit (new posts)
Oct. 2nd, 2010.
» Posted by snowleopard in the Woodland Park Zoo forum
» 14 replies; 769 views
View inside Large Crocodile House (new posts)

» Posted by zoogiraffe in the Crocodiles of the World forum
» 6 replies; 79 views
razor-billed curassow aviary (new posts)
photo taken 1992. There are no longer any curassows in NZ and I believe only one (or two?) left in Australia
» Posted by Chlidonias in the Auckland Zoo forum
» 38 replies; 1,640 views
Arabian Gazelle? (new posts)

» Posted by zoogiraffe in the Blackpool Zoo forum
» 14 replies; 1,230 views
Elephants (new posts)

» Posted by Javin 98 in the Chengdu Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 48 views
King Cheetah and cubs - Taronga Western Plains... (new posts)

» Posted by GregOz in the Taronga Western Plains Zoo forum
» 3 replies; 50 views
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