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by zoogiraffe
United Kingdom - Other

by MagicYoung
Dallas Zoo

by zooboy28
Alice Springs Desert Park

by bigfoot410
Bronx Zoo

by AluxesEcoparque
Aluxes Ecoparque Palenque

by RockTheThought
San Diego Zoo

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Vancouver Aquarium News 2015 (new posts)
A new thread for a new year.
» Posted by TZFan in the Vancouver Aquarium forum
» 12 replies; 839 views
Kansas City Zoo (new posts)
Another surprisingly American Zoo that does not have a thread.... Construction is coming along on the renovation of the old Menagerie Building into a new Rainforest Building. It looks like it...
» Posted by okapikpr in the Kansas City Zoo forum
» 197 replies; 22,131 views
Toledo Zoo 2014 (new posts)
Flight Come take flight with us! Join us in 2014 for a year-long celebration of flight. 2014 is the year of flight at the Toledo Zoo, with cool experiences that bring you closer to...
» Posted by TigerValley98 in the Toledo Zoo forum
» 47 replies; 6,293 views
Rhino Survives Poacher Attack In South Africa (new posts)
After poachers tranquilize and saw off her horns, this 4 year old female rhino survives gruesome mutilation. South African rhino survives horrific attack by poachers
» Posted by Blackduiker in the Wildlife & Nature Conservation forum
» 2 replies; 88 views
Paul & Lynsey's Zoo Tour 2015 - #3 Shepreth... (new posts)
Our third stop on our tour took us to Shepreth Wildlife Park, near Roytson. Another small zoo, but a great one at that with some amazing animals. On arrival to the left you are greeted by the two...
» Posted by migdog in the Shepreth Wildlife Park forum
» 0 replies; 17 views
Melbourne Zoo 2015 (new posts)
To start off the year pregnant gorilla Kimya has turned 10 years old: Kimya Turns Ten | Zoos Victoria
» Posted by Jabiru96 in the Melbourne Zoo forum
» 49 replies; 4,080 views
2015 Big Year (new posts)
Let's do it again! I know I'm a day early in this post, but it'll soon be 2015 in parts of the world. Get your binoculars, spotting scopes, birding guides, and cameras ready. Let's bird!
» Posted by jbnbsn99 in the Wildlife & Nature Conservation forum
» 562 replies; 16,796 views
Paul & Lynsey's Zoo Tour 2015 - #3 Hamerton... (new posts)
I raised this under e incorrect thread, how do I delete?
» Posted by migdog in the United Kingdom forum
» 0 replies; 29 views
news thread 2 (new posts)
I went out yesterday afternoon and picked up the new (free) summer visitor's guide that I had heard about from their email blast. It is kind of an odd beast - I am not sure what to make of it. It...
» Posted by Arizona Docent in the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum forum
» 38 replies; 2,622 views
Premier League season 2014-2015 (new posts)
So after 4 games I predicted Stoke to have 4 points. My predictions were Home Aston Willa win Away Hull draw Away Manchester City lose Home Leicester lose So instead of my predicted...
» Posted by bongorob in the Zoo Cafe forum
» 41 replies; 1,605 views

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Baiji (Lipotes vexillifer) (new posts)
A brilliant natural history museum, built in time for the Olympics when they were held in Beijing in 2008. The museum covers three floors. Visited September 2013
» Posted by Chlidonias in the National Zoological Museum of China forum
» 2 replies; 27 views
black leopard bronx zoo easter 2015 (new posts)
Black leopard bronx zoo - a docent told me that they are mother and daughter.
» Posted by carlos55 in the Bronx Zoo forum
» 10 replies; 285 views
Is this a thompson's gazzelle (new posts)
No longer at the zoo, moved from this enclosure to go in with the Giraffes and then transfered out we think Now in this enclosure we have a small group of Wallaby\'s This enclosure is the one next...
» Posted by adrian1963 in the Dudley Zoological Gardens forum
» 17 replies; 1,839 views
Aerial view of leopard exhibit (new posts)
I hope that you can see from this photo that there will be a visitor walkway between the exhibits. There is an elevated walkway between the 2 sides for the leopards. We will have to wait to see if...
» Posted by betsy in the San Diego Zoo forum
» 9 replies; 481 views
One of the old Primate Cages (new posts)
9th April 2015 For a review of this zoo (including walkthrough of Afrkyarium) and others see here:
» Posted by LaughingDove in the Zoo Wroclaw forum
» 4 replies; 188 views
Butterfly House - 23/05/2015 (new posts)
» Posted by Crowthorne in the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 139 views
BaoBao The westen lowland gorilla (new posts)
we only have two gorilla in Taiwan , both of them are male , and one is already 49 . This one is BaoBao (29) .
» Posted by itsallfaction in the Taipei Zoo forum
» 6 replies; 334 views
bison bronx zoo (new posts)
bison bronx zoo easter 2015
» Posted by carlos55 in the Bronx Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 38 views
matchie's tree kangaroo bronx zoo (new posts)
matchies tree kangaroo bronx zoo
» Posted by carlos55 in the Bronx Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 36 views
spotted pond turtle bronx zoo (new posts)
Spotted pond turle - Bronx zoo at Tropic World
» Posted by carlos55 in the Bronx Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 31 views
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