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by Hexaprotodon
Bioparco di Roma

by vogelcommando
Dierenpark De Oliemeulen

by vogelcommando

by max
Yorkshire Wildlife Park

by vogelcommando
Berkenhof 's Tropical Zoo

by Maguari
Chester Zoo

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If You Bought Toronto Zoo... (new posts)
I was thinking it might be fun for all of us to discuss what we would do with Toronto Zoo if suddenly one of us became insanely wealthy and could buy and rebuild the zoo. Now in this scenario you...
» Posted by TZFan in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 119 replies; 7,003 views
Toronto Zoo- Births, Deaths, Arrivals and... (new posts)
Setting up 2014 threads. Im really looking forward to many of the additions made here this year. Come on baby panda.
» Posted by TZFan in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 436 replies; 15,538 views
Species/Zoos database??? (new posts)
Is there a list or database of all species kept in zoos (for example WAZA members)? So if I want to see a species, I would check the list and see that i should travel for example to London or...
» Posted by kuba in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 1 replies; 22 views
Marwell 2014 news (new posts)
I have just noticed that Marwell have added last year's animal inventory to their website now, which is attached below. It is interesting to note that 19 species have left the collection over the...
» Posted by mhale in the Marwell Wildlife forum
» 201 replies; 13,978 views
Glasgow zoo maps and pictures (new posts)
Does anyone have any maps of Glasgow Zoo? Also any pictures? There are a few on here but not really any enclosure views to get a sense of what the zoo was like.
» Posted by Shirokuma in the Glasgow Zoo (Closed) forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
List of invertebrate species kept in captivity (new posts)
Can anyone give me or make a list of invertebrate species kept in captivity. At websites like Zootierliste they only list vertebrates, and it is impossible to find any other source listing the...
» Posted by Norwegian moose in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 2 replies; 27 views
Possible walk and talk in either September or... (new posts)
There is the chance that we could have a walk and talk with Tim Rowlands the curator of mammals at Chester Zoo in either September or October,but this will only happen if we have enough people...
» Posted by zoogiraffe in the Chester Zoo forum
» 30 replies; 986 views
Tabor-Vetrovy Zoo (new posts)
Ive just found out about this zoo, it seems that it got its Zoo licence last summer and there is not a single review or picture on ZooChat.. How is that possible?! :D Has anybody been there? Any...
» Posted by Stefka in the Czech Republic forum
» 2 replies; 509 views
Twenty questions (new posts)
The rules: - If guessing, you must ask animal related questions that have a yes/no answer - Only one question is allowed per post :D - Multiple concurrent games are allowed - Subspecies are...
» Posted by nanoboy in the Zoo Cafe forum
» 604 replies; 7,534 views
Design An Exhibit (new posts)
This thread is a follow up to "Design A Zoo". I thought posting exhibits one at a time on "Design A Zoo" was defeating the purpose of the thread, so I thought I'd create this one to allow posting of...
» Posted by AnaheimZoo in the Fantasy Zoos forum
» 100 replies; 8,435 views

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Islands Map at Chester, 27/07/14 (new posts)
Opening May 2015. Must say, I can\'t wait for the Bali Starling Bird Template...!
» Posted by Maguari in the Chester Zoo forum
» 5 replies; 52 views
New style direction signs (new posts)
Beside the Monkey House monorail station. I quite like these, they are clear and fairly stylish and a lot less infantile than some of the recent signage. Chester, July 26th 2014.
» Posted by gentle lemur in the Chester Zoo forum
» 3 replies; 36 views
Pygmy Goat enjoying the summit of Goat Mountain,... (new posts)

» Posted by Parrotsandrew in the Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Snail in unusual location, 24th July 2014 (new posts)

» Posted by Parrotsandrew in the Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Indian Ring-necked Parakeet, 24th July 2014 (new posts)

» Posted by Parrotsandrew in the Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Rose close-up, 24th July 2014 (new posts)

» Posted by Parrotsandrew in the Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park forum
» 0 replies; 1 views
Asiatic Lions mating (new posts)
Lions mating at Chester June 26
» Posted by Dale2014 in the Chester Zoo forum
» 4 replies; 216 views
African Lion, 7th July 2014 (new posts)
Well, a lion and a bit.
» Posted by Parrotsandrew in the Flamingo Land forum
» 2 replies; 55 views
Reticulated giraffes : Whipsnade : 27 Jul 2014 (new posts)
Whipsnade's current group of reticulated giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata). From left: male Bashu (2 yrs); females Savannah (13 yrs), Willow (8 months), Ina (12 yrs), Ijuma (6 yrs).
» Posted by ro6ca66 in the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 73 views
Sulawesi Babirusa (new posts)
Babyrousa celebensis 12 July 2014
» Posted by Semioptera in the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens forum
» 2 replies; 36 views
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