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by Parrotsandrew
Sewerby Zoo

by cypher
Toronto Zoo

by Nanook
ZSL London Zoo

by Nanook
United Kingdom - Other

by Mr Wrinkly
Toronto Zoo

by Fishapod
Zoological Museum of Moscow University

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Pallas Cats in World Zoos (new posts)
Beijing Zoo began to kept Pallas Cats in 1951 and bred successfully in 1979 Pallas Cats are indeed charming...
» Posted by Deer Forest in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 0 replies; 14 views
How Much Does it Cost to Care for an Elephant Per... (new posts)
How much does a single Elephant cost per year to take care of? I'm asking because according to the website of this molasses company Elephants Love Grandma?s Molasses - Grandma?s Molasses claims that...
» Posted by wensleydale in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 6 replies; 228 views
African elephants for China (new posts)
Lots of African elephant-babies are waiting to be send to China :( : Unmasked: Zimbabwe and the life-threatening sale of baby elephants to China | Daily Maverick
» Posted by vogelcommando in the China forum
» 2 replies; 172 views
Functionally Extinct Species in Captivity (new posts)
Should a species that is functionally extinct be kept in captivity? A similar but different question: if a species could be kept alive by cloning, but not effectively bred, could that be kept in...
» Posted by JVM in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 13 replies; 487 views
2014 ZooChat Challenge! (new posts)
Alright! While the 2013 ZooChat Challenge (Penguins) wasn't that big of a success, I had fun with it and like the idea of having a zoo challenge. I understand it's harder to do these as oppose to the...
» Posted by ThylacineAlive in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 65 replies; 3,465 views
Budapest Zoo (new posts)
If You are interested here You can read some short news from Budapest Zoo: Sumatran orangutans and Western lowland gorillas received their new outdoor enclosures in the end of April. A male...
» Posted by Orycteropus in the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden forum
» 105 replies; 11,341 views
Lisbon Zoo (new posts)
Are there any members who can provide an update or have recently been to Lisbon Zoo??? I visited this collection (hoping to post some scanned photos soon) in 2005 on a work trip and found it a...
» Posted by Newzooboy in the Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa forum
» 128 replies; 17,949 views
If you could go back in time... (new posts)
A bit of fun here- If you could travel back in time and visit any zoo (or even your favourite zoo) where would you go and what point in time would you choose? I fondly remember my first visits...
» Posted by Panthera1981 in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 28 replies; 559 views
Hamilton Zoo News 2014 (new posts)
Two meerkats were born at Hamilton Zoo on the 1 of February. A double dose of cuteness - Hamilton Zoo And Zebra Marbles gave birth to a foal on the 28 of January and Hamilton's breeding male...
» Posted by Tygo in the Hamilton Zoo forum
» 25 replies; 1,540 views
Zoo Highlights of 2014! (new posts)
Well it's that time of year again and I noticed no one had made one of these threads yet so here I am! So what were your zoo/wild/animal-related highlights of 2014? ~Thylo:cool:
» Posted by ThylacineAlive in the General Zoo Discussion forum
» 39 replies; 1,117 views

New Gallery Comments   » Today's

Birthday cake for Shree 2 (new posts)
Shree rushes for the cake 9 November 2014
» Posted by FrancoiseLangur in the Zoorasia forum
» 1 replies; 47 views
Further work on new pond (to have underwater... (new posts)

» Posted by Parrotsandrew in the Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park forum
» 3 replies; 74 views
Sitatunga and Crane Paddock at Folly Farm,... (new posts)
Western Sitatunga and Grey Crowned Cranes
» Posted by Maguari in the Folly Farm forum
» 14 replies; 914 views
Blackbuck (new posts)
Guangzhou Zoo has the largest population of blackbucks in China.
» Posted by baboon in the Guangzhou Zoological Garden forum
» 2 replies; 88 views
Mountain Nyalas in Bale Mountains NP, 16/10/14 (new posts)
Tragelaphus buxtoni
» Posted by Maguari in the Ethiopia - Wildlife forum
» 3 replies; 224 views
Giraffe House (new posts)

» Posted by Mr Wrinkly in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 24 views
Giraffe House (new posts)

» Posted by Mr Wrinkly in the Toronto Zoo forum
» 0 replies; 21 views
Phantasmal dart frog (Epipedobates..... (new posts)

» Posted by Fishapod in the Moscow zoo forum
» 2 replies; 40 views
Flamingo (new posts)
August 15 2013
» Posted by vogelcommando in the Tierpark Gettorf forum
» 0 replies; 4 views
Cuban flamingo (new posts)
August 15 2013
» Posted by vogelcommando in the Tierpark Gettorf forum
» 0 replies; 8 views
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