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by vogelcommando
Netherlands - Other

by Hix
Tanzania - Wildlife

by Cassidy Casuar
New Zealand - Other

by LaughingDove
Warsaw Zoo

by Morgan
Apenheul Primate Park

by vogelcommando
ZOO Antwerpen

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In the latest edition of Radio Times is an article relating to Animals in Love, to be broadcast on BBC1 on Sunday February 1st. In this article Liz Bonnin states" So frisky is this pygmy chimpanzee...
» Posted by Animal Friendly in the United Kingdom forum
» 33 replies; 1,167 views
ZSL London Zoo 2015 (new posts)
Later this year I will be at ZSL London Zoo for 1 year as I have never been before and it will be my first time. I was warned last year that Kumbuka the Silverback gorilla who likes to break and...
» Posted by Jedd Cullinan in the ZSL London Zoo forum
» 33 replies; 3,816 views
Ekaterinburg zoo (new posts)
Well, this topic should have started with a zoo review, but I'm too lazy :D So here's Crowned crane chick hatched February 1st. Hand-raised of course. A noticeable achievement, since...
» Posted by Elephas Maximus in the Russia forum
» 73 replies; 3,168 views
sedgwick county zoo (new posts)
Hi, im just wondering if some one could give me a list of the animals at each exhibit at sedgwick county zoo.so,Australian Outback,South American Pampas,Koch Chimpanzee and Orangutan Exhibit,Pride of...
» Posted by Zoogoer2000 in the Sedgwick County Zoo forum
» 73 replies; 9,088 views
Dudley Zoological Gardens in 2015 (new posts)
Revamped Bear Ravine snow stunning! | Dudley Zoological Gardens
» Posted by Benosaurus in the Dudley Zoological Gardens forum
» 17 replies; 1,209 views
Prague zoo news 2015 (new posts)
Images have been released for the new gorilla pavilion to be built on the higher level of the zoo, it should be completed in 2017. ...
» Posted by kiang in the Prague Zoo Praha forum
» 10 replies; 639 views
Zooboy28 in America (new posts)
In less than three weeks I will be embarking on a three-week trip to North America, where I will visit six cities in western USA and Canada. The first week will be spent in Portland, where I am...
» Posted by zooboy28 in the United States forum
» 95 replies; 4,900 views
South Lakes discussion thread (new posts)
The "Free entry" with a donation promotion has now been changed to a minimum donation of £5 per person from today.. :rolleyes: Due to the comments made in response to the previous post and to end...
» Posted by Nisha in the South Lakes Wild Animal Park forum
» 118 replies; 7,117 views
Elephant haven, European elephant sanctuary (new posts)
A pan European sanctuary for abused, mistreated or elderly elephants is in the process of being set up in 123 acres of land in the southwest of France (in the region of Corrèze) . Sanctuary -...
» Posted by kiang in the France forum
» 13 replies; 1,853 views
Exotic Species Living in the UK (new posts)
While in a couple of parks in north London I heard a series of sqwaking and observed Ring Necked Parakeets flying freely and acting quite naturally . On returning home i did some research and it...
» Posted by garyjp in the United Kingdom forum
» 70 replies; 2,449 views

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Pygmy hippo, mother and calf 24/1/15 (new posts)

» Posted by Chalklion in the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo forum
» 1 replies; 41 views
Mount Kulal Spiny mouse (new posts)
Taken at Chester zoo's Okapi house 17.2.08.
» Posted by Writhedhornbill in the Chester Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 1,120 views
Malta National Aquarium - Dec 2014 (new posts)

» Posted by Newzooboy in the Malta National Aquarium forum
» 1 replies; 48 views
African elephant at North Carolina zoo 2015-1-19 (new posts)
Loxodonta africana
» Posted by MagicYoung in the North Carolina Zoo forum
» 14 replies; 435 views
Crib-chewing Giraffe? 2nd January 2015 (new posts)

» Posted by Parrotsandrew in the Flamingo Land forum
» 3 replies; 77 views
Southern Tree Hyrax (new posts)
Boundary Hill Lodge, Tarangire Conservation Area October 2014
» Posted by Hix in the Tanzania - Wildlife forum
» 2 replies; 42 views
Penguin Beach Concept Drawing (new posts)

» Posted by gormancgo in the San Diego Zoo forum
» 2 replies; 146 views
Signage, 29th October 2014 (new posts)

» Posted by Parrotsandrew in the Bridlington Birds of Prey and Animal Park forum
» 1 replies; 27 views
White-faced heron (new posts)
August 2 2014
» Posted by vogelcommando in the Zoo Veldhoven forum
» 0 replies; 10 views
White-faced heron (new posts)
August 2 2014
» Posted by vogelcommando in the Zoo Veldhoven forum
» 0 replies; 12 views
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