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Blonde Mangalitsa

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Blonde Mangalitsa
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File date:2010:05:15 06:47:12 Camera make:FUJIFILM
Camera model:FinePix S5600 Date/Time:2010:04:23 16:54:58
Resolution:2469 x 1691 Flash used:No
Focal length:33.2mm (35mm equivalent: 215mm) CCD width:5.56mm
Exposure time:0.0059 s (1/170) Aperture:f/3.5
ISO equiv.:200 Whitebalance:Auto
Metering Mode:matrix Exposure:program (auto)
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Dimensions: 1600x1096 | Views: 12325
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Blonde Mangalitsa
Old 15-05-2010

April 2010
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Old 15-05-2010

A wonderful pig! I love this breed. Are there many outside Hungary?
Chlidonias's Avatar
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Old 15-05-2010

Holy Mackerel! That is an amazing pig! A woolly sweater and bacon from a single animal!
The all-seeing Chli
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Old 16-05-2010

I don´t know about other countries, but in Czech and Slovak they are kept relatively commonly, but only in small numbers, because their meet is VERY fat and thus not asked by consumers. I´ve read that a full grown animal consist from 70% of fat.
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Old 16-05-2010

Some have been imported into the UK. They are fairly closely related to the extinct Lincolnshire Curly- coated Pig which died out here in the 1950'-70's period.

I think some people are trying to recreate it by using Mangalitzas, some of which contain curly-coat genes as some of the Uk breed were exported to Hungary and crossed with their own pigs before they died out here.

One main difference between them is that Mangalitzas come in 3 colour varieties, Blonde(as here) Red and 'Swallow'(black with markings) whereas the Lincolnshire Curly coat only occurred in a blonde/white colour.
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Old 16-05-2010

The sheep-pig pulling the wool over everybody's eyes... | Mail Online
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Old 17-05-2010

The picture was featured in the UK on the BBC current affairs comedy show 'Have I Got News For You' . It was supposed to be animals - sheep and pigs - in a coalition , as is the new UK Government .
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Old 17-05-2010

Originally Posted by Jana View Post
I´ve read that a full grown animal consist from 70% of fat.
Sorry @Jana, but that's a bit of a misconception; such an animal would rather resemble a blob(fish) and most likely wouldn't survive for long.
In fact, said fat percentage of 60-70% is rather limited to the muscle-fat ratio as a result of the meat mottle and the thick isolating fat layer.

In recent years, the numbers of bred, kept & consumed Mangalitsa in Europe have considerably increased, due to several European breeding programs, "green" farming and an higher demand by specialised European cuisine. Calling them "highly endangered" as some newspapers still do is a bit over the top...

Other Mangalitsa colours were black & "agouti"-however, no such animal seems to exist nowadays.

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