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Tropical Rain Forest Building
Old 11-04-2011

Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle opened its award-winning Tropical Rain Forest building in 1992. The real gems of this zone are the outdoor habitats: two trend-setting gorilla exhibits, Jaguar Cove, a red ruffed lemur exhibit, a colobus monkey exhibit, and a red-flanked duiker/colobus monkey island. The outdoor areas were built from 1979 (gorillas) to 2003 (jaguars).

The 19 exhibits (in order) plus walk-through aviary as of April 10th, 2011:

Pinktoe tarantula
Troupial/lesser kiskadee
Silver-beaked tanager
Yellow-spotted sideneck turtle
Blue-crowned motmot
Yellow anaconda
Neon tetra/Colombian tetra/bleeding heart tetra/glowlight tetra
Poison dart frogs (assorted species)
Silver-beaked tanager
White-tailed trogon/blue-gray tanager
Emerald tree boa
Tiger rat snake
Golden lion tamarin
Green aracari
Blue-gray tanager/troupial
Spangled cotina/turquoise tanager/yellow-billed cardinal
Keel-billed toucan

Walk-through aviary (10 species):

Blue-gray tanager
Silver-beaked tanager
White-tailed trogon
Yellow-rumped cacique
Crested oropendola
Peruvian pigeon
Red-crested cardinal
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Old 12-04-2011

Thanks for the species list, snowleopard.

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