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What animal suits your personality

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Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: England
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What animal suits your personality
Old 21-11-2009

In this thread lets see what animal you consider to resemble yourself
I would have to say I'm like a Bush Dog a bit tubby like hanging around in a group and have to stand to go to the toilet
Let's see what yours are
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: N/A
Posts: 1,040
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Old 21-11-2009

Probably a Lemur. Timid at first but once settled come out of my shell and have a great time. Michevious, funny and social though i dont have a long fluffy tail!
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Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom
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Old 21-11-2009


Now I've thought about it, probably a Giant Anteater. Rather chilled and laid back on the whole but with a quirky personality that shows off when I'm really awake. My nose is also a bit long, heh heh. In fact, you could apply that personality to an orangutan as well, and I've got the long ginger hair too.

And shouldn't this go in the General Forum/Cafe?
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: England
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Old 24-11-2009

Hmm im probs an Orangutan - Dont mind being on my own I like being alone with my thoughts and with Nature - Much like the thinkers of the forest.
But when im with others even though I can be a bit of a slow mixer when i find my way im fine
And I have Long Blond Hair much like a lion so its your choice
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: DF , Mexico city
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Old 24-11-2009

I imagine my personality would resemble that of a coyote , i am quite versatile and good at adapting to different situations and countries , a bit of an aimless wanderer,quite nostalgic although i dont howl at night haha, quite solitary in my habits except for time spent with my familly,sometimes a bit nocturnal when i cant sleep , not on the defensive or aggressive but if someone attacks me physically or shows an extreme ignorance and lack of respect to me , my familly, friends or my beliefs ill give as good as ive got phsically or verbally as requiered by the situacion,but im very respectful of others and will go out of my way to avoid bad situations unless i feel compelled to voice my opinion, im kind of cunning in my workplace when it comes to avoid dealing with those i dont like or situations i dont like, im also kind of like the warner brothers coyote hahaha i geuss because if i want something im quite tenascious about getting it despite the struggle involved in reaching an objective although i havent been blown up by dynamite yet hahaha, and some people have said i have a wolfy looking face so i think that completes the picture

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