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Gorilla-Chimpanzee interactions in the wild?

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Question Gorilla-Chimpanzee interactions in the wild?
Old 29-11-2010


I was wondering if anyone has any information on Gorilla/Chimpanzee interactions in the wild? I can't really find anything on the internet? I'm just curious about it. I'm not sure if they ever come across each other often.

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Chimpanzees and gorillas do live in sympatric areas in the wild and certainly come into contact. They also go after similiar food resources so I am sure they run into each other quite often. I recently attended a lecture by Dr. Crickette Sanz who does research involving chimpanzees in the Goualougo Triangle in the northern Republic of Congo, and she discussed running into chimpanzees and gorillas at the same time and actually showed a picture of a male silver back gorilla and two chimpanzees sitting in the same fruiting tree no more then 5 or 6 ft away from each other. I would look her up and the website associated with her field work, there might be more information there.

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