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Moderation Policy

Moderation Policy

We moderate the content that gets posted on our site by members and reserve the right to edit or remove any content which we feel does not meet our expectations.

Our forum management system allows us to edit or remove content in a "non-destructive" way such that if we later decide that the decision was unjustified, we can reverse the decision and restore the content partially or in full.

Our general approach to moderation is "moderation in moderation" - we try to find a balance between allowing people to express their opinions and points of view without interfering, while also maintaining the standards of community behaviour and acceptable content that we have decided on.

If you have a problem or question about a moderation decision, you should use the Contact Us form to politely and respectfully ask the administration team about it. You should not post about specific moderation actions in the forum or air your grievances in public.