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Giant Eland

2013: Shadow Nursery

bushpig, Potamochoerus larvatus

2013: Shadow Nursery
Giant Eland, 24 Aug 2013
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    • Giant Eland
      bushpig, Potamochoerus larvatus
    • Al
      Wow do they have many?
    • Giant Eland
      I think they have around 8-10
    • kiang
      This is a surprise, i didn't realise there were any in captivity, where did their animals originate from?
      And are they breeding?
    • Giant Eland
      They originated from the San Diego Zoo, and unfortunately no breeding success yet, but they are trying. Kiang you'd probably also be interested to know that your namesake is also kept at Shadow Nursery.
    • timmydetapir
      Excellent picture of such a wonderful animal :)
    • kiang

      This place seems to be a bit of a hidden gem for us hoofstock fans, i do hope they crack the breeding of hogs.
      On a personal note, many thanks to you GE for the pics you have posted from all over the American continent, really enjoyed them.
    • Giant Eland
      And many "you're welcomes" to you Kiang, it's my pleasure.
    • ungulate nerd
      I found out that besides Shadow Nursery, there are two other places that have them, but those places are in South Africa, these places are the National Zoological Gardens in Pretoria and Congo Wildlife Ranch in Oudtshorn
    • Pacarana
      @ Giant Eland, do you know if the pigs have bred yet?
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    Giant Eland
    24 Aug 2013
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