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Otter Lord

6-12-10 Uganda Kob

6-12-10 Uganda Kob
Otter Lord, 14 Jun 2010
    • Ituri
      Is that a Soemmerring's gazelle in there as well?
    • Otter Lord
      It looks like it, probably before they were put in the new side exhibit.
    • Kudu21
      Both are beautiful species. I wish that The Wilds would invest in a new species or two like these or any of the species at the Wild Animal Park. They certainly have a room for it. They haven't added any new species in species since they opened the Medium Sized Carnivore Center in 2007 and they only exhibit 25 species anyways...On 10,000 acres. I know that they have had financial troubles but they've had the support of the Columbus Zoo for quite a few years and now it is almost completely run by the Columbus Zoo. Not that I don't love The Wilds, I really do and I find it truly amazing, but I think it's about time to liven up the stock a little. I have a trip to the Wilds booked for this May. At least I have the twin Onager foals to look forward to.
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    Otter Lord
    14 Jun 2010
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