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A Sneak Peek at the African Pavilion Construction

A Sneak Peek at the African Pavilion Construction
blospz, 15 Jun 2010
    • Blondie
      This is going to look awesome when its done:)
    • Meaghan Edwards
      Very nice! Already much better and more open looking than their old exhibit.
    • Jabiru96
      What animal is in this exhibit (if it has been completed)?
    • Damian_07
      ring-tail lemurs live in this exhibit, and yes its completed!
    • Quartz92
      It was designed for Mandrills.
    • reduakari
      It looks like it was designed to hold packing crates. Nothing in this photo suggests anything about the natural habitat of any primate, aside from a human prisoner.

      Unless I'm really missing something, this looks like a half-baked re-make of a 70s design that was obsolete the day it was built

      No wonder Toronto Zoo is taking so many hits from critics and clients alike
    • Quartz92
      As the photo is titled, it says construction meaning not anywhere near 50% complete.
    • 6647
      Title: A Sneak Peek at the African Pavilion Construction

      Yes, you are missing something.
    • TropicWorld54
      The African Rainforest Pavillion is the best indoor zoo exhibit I have seen. The indoor gorilla enclosures are probally one of the best if not the best in North America. From the photos on zoochat you really cannot judge how massive the building is and how good this building is.
    • team tapir
      These complexes are very poorly received by many zoo chatters however we feel that both the Asian and African Pavilions are solid facilities.

      Team Tapir
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