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Aardvark enclosure - and... find the Chacalacas

August 27 2016

Aardvark enclosure - and... find the Chacalacas
vogelcommando, 8 Sep 2016
    • vogelcommando
      August 27 2016
    • vogelcommando
      Still nobody found the Chacalacas ?
    • Kakapo
      Give some more time... me, for exapmple, didn't saw this photo until now, and most zoochatters don't have so much free time as me, for visit the forum.
      Anyway, I think that (once clicked in the image for see at maximum size, if not it would be completely impossible), I see something almost invisible that could be brown feathers and it's very near the upper left corner of the photo (closer to upper border than to left border).
    • Chlidonias
      yeah, top left.

      There are also some aardvarks at the back :p
    • vogelcommando
      And a keeper :) !
      Yes the Chaco chacalacas are in the upper left corner.
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    8 Sep 2016
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