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African Hoofed Stock - Reticulated Giraffe Exhibit

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African Hoofed Stock - Reticulated Giraffe Exhibit
geomorph, 23 May 2010
    • PAT
      Is that for the giraffe to hang their washing on to dry? :)

      But seriously, what is it?
    • mstickmanp
      OH NO, San Diego zoo's "alien" trees are taking over the zoo world!:p:D
    • geomorph
      It is for hanging browse!
    • PAT
      I did think that but then I realised that there's no ladder or pulley to get it up there. I also thought maybe a shade structure but I don't think it would offer much shade.
    • geomorph
      It looks like any awning to cover it for shade would be very complex. Perhaps it is unused as originally designed and once had an awning, or once had some sort of pulley for browse. Also, these features may be put away for the winter and had not yet been returned was a beautiful day, yet the hoofstock were all cooped up inside.
    • Vjsred
      Shade structure

      It was free! Built by the pipe fitter's union. It is covered by canvas in the spring and does provide shade. :)
    • PAT
      Thanks for that Vjsred. :)

      And Geomorph I didn't realise the animals weren't allowed outside yet (winters only just starting here.) Thanks.
    • Vjsred
      Since many of the species are not good about coming inside the first time out in the spring we use a minimum of 50 degrees at night before they can go out. The exception is the gorillas who are reliable and even have the option of going out on nice winter days.
    • CGSwans
      Vjsred, is this a complete list of mammal species at Como?
      - Lion
      - Tiger
      - Snow Leopard
      - Cougar
      - Grey Wolf
      - Polar Bear
      - Harbor Seal
      - California Sea Lion
      - Giraffe
      - Lesser Kudu
      - Bison
      - Dall Sheep
      - Reindeer
      - Gorilla
      - Sumatran Orang-utan
      - De Brazza's Monkey
      - Black-handed Spider Monkey
      - White-faced Saki Monkey
      - Geoffroy's Tamarin
      - Emperor Tamarin
      - Blue-eyed Black Lemur
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