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African Savanna - Painted Dog Bush Camp Viewing Shelter

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African Savanna - Painted Dog Bush Camp Viewing Shelter
geomorph, 24 Mar 2013
    • jusko88
      This exhibit now has a single female cheetah from the wilds in it. They left the glass front. My question is what other zoo has a cheetah exhibit with glass front? I cant think of any of the top of my head.
    • Zooplantman
      Dallas comes to mind
    • snowleopard
      Pittsburgh, Dallas and Oregon all have glass-fronted Cheetah exhibits but I agree that it is a rare occurrence in zoos. Naples Zoo in Florida also has a glass-fronted section on its Cheetah enclosure.
    • reduakari
      Milwaukee's old grottoes feature side glass views of all cats housed in them, including jaguars (in a very rare moated situation) and cheetahs.

      Werribee has an excellent cheetah exhibit with both moated and glass views.
    • Shirokuma
      Chester and Whipsnade have viewing areas with glass.
    • arcticwolf
      The toronto zoo has two glass viewing windows in its cheetah exhibit.
    • Brum
      So does Paignton, I'm pretty sure that Twycross used to have glass viewing for their cheetah in the house as well.
      I think Banham or Africa Alive have glass viewing as well, not 100% on that though.
    • geomorph
      Kansas City Zoo and Busch Gardens Tampa also have glass viewing in visitor shelters for their cheetah exhibits, although they also have open-air viewing areas as well.
    • zooboy28
      In NZ, Auckland and Wellington Zoos both have glass-fronted viewing, which is great. They are also walked around both zoos as ambassadors.
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