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African Waterhole Exhibit - Damara Zebra and Ostrich

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African Waterhole Exhibit - Damara Zebra and Ostrich
geomorph, 31 May 2010
    • Tarsius
      Looks like the waterhole is dry....
    • scimiterhorned1
      yeah dosent look very natuaral it looks horrible personaly
    • geomorph
      This is the entrance to the off-exhibit holding areas for the animals in this habitat, which is much larger than seen in this photo!
    • deanmo19
      I sure hope they'll auction animals to every other zoo, and then close the Milwaukee Zoo and then demolish it.
    • Zooplantman
      Oh I think that is unduly harsh. It is not at all a bad zoo, simply out of date.
    • deanmo19
      Well, you're right. Maybe renovate all the exhibits to make them bigger and better, perhaps?
    • Baldur
      This 'Snowleopard-style' solution to the zoo's somewhat outdated design is not worth two cents in my view. I have been there and while it is not the best zoo I have visited in America, it is not the worst either.
    • Zooplantman
      Your donation of $250million will be much appreciated and will go a long way towards achieving your goal! :D
    • Baldur
      Bigger is not nessessarily better. More important is to manage properly and work with the space and resources you have than to always enlarge and enlarge.

      Same as with your salary. You can have a decent life on a fairly low income as long as you are content with what you have and know how to manage your money. People with high income can have endless struggle with money if they don't know how to manage it.
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    31 May 2010
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