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African Wild Dog at West Midlands Safari Park

African Wild Dog at West Midlands Safari Park

African Wild Dog at West Midlands Safari Park
CZJimmy, 2 Dec 2007
    • CZJimmy
      African Wild Dog at West Midlands Safari Park
    • Arizona Docent
      Wow, I have never heard of a drive through inside a wild dog exhibit.
    • Maguari
      It's an interesting exhibit but a little hit-and-miss as a display because of the nature of the dogs - if they're active it's brilliant. If they're having one of their communal naps there isn't really much to see!
    • Pertinax
      Potentially I imagine it could be more dangerous than any of the other carnivore reserves. If someone got out of a car (e.g. if there was a fire or a crazy person) these creatures are both very quick and aggressive.
    • karenZOO
      When we visited in September we got surrounded by the dogs and found it very intimidating! They were sniffing the tyres and rubbing up against the bumper, they came from nowhere and then just stood there and we couldn't drive off! They finally got herded away by the jeep, but even on exiting they hung around by the gates! Very sly.

      When we went a couple of years ago, the man in the car behind got out, went to his boot, rooted around for a few minutes, slammed the boot carrying a drink and some crisps, opened the rear door and stood there while giving his children the food, then finally got back in the car!
      All in very clear view of the jeep in the enclosure but unfortunately the 2 keepers were to busy chatting to notice lol I kept saying to my partner bib your horn but he said 'let the bugga get eaten for being so stupid' :D Wish I had had my video camera handy could have got £200 if he was eaten :eek: :p
    • scimiterhorned1
      noo need to be worried. no 1 has ever been attacked by a african hunting dog ener
    • Pertinax
      Not a wild one maybe (or in zoos either), but in captivity they lose their fear and I think are potentially dangerous as they have a bolder, more aggressive nature than say, wolves. I wouldn't worry about getting out of a car with wolves, but I would very much with Hunting Dogs.
    • karoocheetah
      I really enjoyed the Cape Hunting Dogs free ranging enclosure when I went for the first time at the end of August - they did indeed surround my car and gave my mud guards a bit of a nibble by way of exploration. I had the drivers window open a crack just to help the car demist as it had been raining intermittantly and one of the females really did hang about for a good sniff - she obviously detected my scent (cheeky really since I've had my bath for the year too!!!!) :p

      The are fascinating and I stayed in there with them for a good 30 to 40 minutes got some great photos!

      Looking forward to doing it again next friday when I take advantage of the free return trip that they offer too :D
    • scimiterhorned1
      i would actually personaly be more frightened of wolves. they are more intellegent than the hunting dogs and more polshie. hunting dogs however will test your blind spots and circle you buut if you remain calm and look bigger you will be fine. it is very handy to take a stick or rake with you if you ever work with these animals when in there enclosure
    • johnstoni
      hahaha thats hilarious...
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