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Tim May

Albino skunk; Chessington; 25th June 2010

Albino skunk; Chessington; 25th June 2010
Tim May, 25 Jun 2010
    • Chlidonias
      it looks like some sort of wierd Persian cat
    • Pertinax
      He's(or she's) something else, isn't he?:cool:
    • TH13TEEN
      no it is an albino north american skunk
    • Nisha
      Welcome to the forum Thi3teen.

      I think Pertinax was trying to say he was impressed by the skunk. Not that he didn't know what it was.
    • TH13TEEN
      I wasn't replyin 2 any particular persons thread I was simply statin that yes it is a North American Albino Skunk, thats all. x
    • stubeanz
      looks in brilliant condition! sometimes albino skunks can get a little bit yellow especialy in outdoor exhibits.
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    25 Jun 2010
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