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American Black Bear?

At least 13 Black Bears live in a very large but barren grassy enclosure with a large water most. The bears can be fed which encourages them to remain near the viewing area.

American Black Bear?
HowlerMonkey, 22 Nov 2019
    • drill
      not Asiatic?
    • HowlerMonkey
      I was thinking Asiatic as well but I’m not sure when looking at the face structure. The other dozen bears were definitely American black bears.
    • drill
      American black bears have that stomach coloration?
    • HowlerMonkey
      Good question. I have seen some American black bears with white chest patterns but never like that. I know Asiatic black bears have tufts on the side of their heads which I didn’t see with this individual. Bears are not my best subject so hopefully another member will have a better idea.
    • Chlidonias
      I googled some photos of the bears at Marineland Canada - that's a lot of bears in that enclosure! - and they are all American Black Bears. It looks like several of them have white markings on the chest. One of the brown ones had a white chest as well. I can't say I've noticed white markings on American Black Bears before, so maybe it is a local Canadian trait.
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