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Asian elephant

photo taken 1992

Asian elephant
Chlidonias, 9 Jun 2010
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    • Chlidonias
      photo taken 1992
    • ZooGirl101
      Looks like Burma. She arrived in 1990. And she has always had the little tusk poking out one side of her mouth.
    • zooboy28
      The current elephant house and enclosure opened in early 1992, but this photo does not appear to show a brand new building, so is likely the Old Elephant House, shortly before its decomission as such.
    • ZooGirl101
      This is the old enclosure. And it is definately Burma because now that I think of it, Kashin and Burma were the only elephants there. This must of been just before November when the new elephant area opened.
    • Zoofan15
      Burma aged 10 years. It’s lucky that by only being housed in this exhibit for two years, she was able to avoid the arthritis that afflicted Kashin (1968-2009).
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    9 Jun 2010
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