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Asian golden cat at Edinburgh Zoo, 2 October 2010

Asian golden cat at Edinburgh Zoo, 2 October 2010
mhale, 4 Oct 2010
    • chizlit
      What a great shot of a beautiful cat.
    • Bwassa
      Nice shot!
    • mhale
      Thank you - that was one photogenic cat :)
    • zooboy28
      Oh wow, this ones even better! Awesome shot.
    • DavidBrown
      This is one of the most beautiful cats that I have ever seen. Does Edinburgh have a breeding group of them? I have never encountered one in an American zoo.
    • Arizona Docent
      Great shot and I like the slight marbled pattern (the few I have seen had solid coats). I have only a few golden cat photos and none are that great. Maybe I will need to make a trip there if/when I go back to the UK.
    • DavidBrown
      @AZ: Do we have any of these guys in the US? Where have you seen them before? I had no idea that these guys existed before I saw this picture. I need to study up on Asian small cats.
    • Arizona Docent
      Sadly, not any more and it is unlikely we will ever see them again here. The last one in the U.S. died several years ago at the Cincinnati Zoo. I have a photo of it in the Cincy gallery. The other place in the U.S. I saw one was Exotic Feline Breeding Compound. I have seen them recently at the unparalleled Parc Des Felins in France. There are a few other collections in Europe and Asia that have them - I believe Singapore may have quite a few?
    • TeaLovingDave
      There are three at Edinburgh Zoo.
    • Brum
      Thrigby have a lone male and Belfast also keep the species, not sure how many though.
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