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Asian River Life - Komodo Dragon Exhibit Entrance

Asian River Life - Komodo Dragon Exhibit Entrance
geomorph, 13 Dec 2009
    • kiang
      The worlds first walk through Komodo dragon exhibit, are sharp sticks supplied?

      geomorph, great set of pics, and i don't think i have EVER read such a comprehensive and complete review of any zoo, must have taken an age to write and upload the photos, so thank you very much.
    • geomorph
      kiang, thank you! It is clear that I was unclear with my description of this photo...that Komodo dragon was actually hand-raised and taught to pose for photos, so sharp implements are not needed for safety as long as it is fed a generous supply of gummi bears and ladyfingers. No, wait...on closer inspection, that is a statue! :)
    • Blackduiker

      What a relief! I was just going to add, be sure not to visit with anyone named Sharon Stone. :eek::p
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    13 Dec 2009
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