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Asiatic Wildcat - 19/07/15

Asiatic Wildcat - 19/07/15
FunkyGibbon, 20 Jul 2015
    • TeaLovingDave
      Very interesting; if this is indeed an Asiatic or Indian wildcat, it may be the last in captivity.
    • FunkyGibbon
      It's what I was told. That's interesting because the volunteer who showed me round was very proud of the fact that the Temminck's Golden Cat was one of only three in the UK. I would think he would have mentioned the rarity of this.
    • TeaLovingDave
      Considering they got the number of Golden Cat in the UK incorrect too - and the collection has come out with some royal tripe about that species in the past - I wouldn't rely too much on what you were told there :p
    • lintworm
      Isn't it a gordons wild cat, which is technically spoken an asiatic wild cat as well...
    • TeaLovingDave
      Might be, come to think of it :) in which case it would be the only one in the UK to my knowledge.
    • FunkyGibbon
      Could very well be, as there are photos in the gallery of a Gordon's Wildcat and it wasn't mentioned during my visit.
    • Snowy Owl
      When I went in March they had the following in separate enclosures

      2 x Puma
      1 x Snow Leopard
      1 x Gordon's Wildcat
      1 x Eurasian Lynx
      2 x Eurasian Lynx
      2 x Serval
      1 x Golden Cat
      1 x Caracal
      2 x Leopard Cat
      1 x European Wildcat
      3 x Serval
      2 x Puma
      2 x Puma
      2 x Snow Leopard
      2 x Snow Leopard
      2 x Amur Leopard
      1 x Jaguar

      There was also talk of getting a Jaguarundi (Not sure where from) and a Male Clouded Leopard (From Thrigby)
    • zootiger
      They do now have a male clouded leopard, but not sure where from.

      They have 2 gordon's wildcats that share an exhibit.

      I don't think they have 3 eurasian lynx, I believe they just have the 2 but I may be wrong?
    • Snowy Owl
      I only saw one Gordon's Wildcat and that was hard enough to see as well.

      There was definitely 3 lynx when I was there 1 on its own which was a bit feisty and 2 in the enclosure next to it.

      They mentioned that one of the male clouded leopard at thrigby was getting a bit aggressive towards the other clouded Leopards.

      I'm sure I read somewhere but can't remember where that the Leopard Cats were due to be parents and they were hoping to get another Golden Cat.
    • TeaLovingDave
      One *would* hope they would get the correct subspecies of Golden Cat, but knowing the owner's attitude to that issue I won't hold my breath.
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