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Aug. 2016 - Plains - Right Elephant Exhibit (Half of It)

Aug. 2016 - Plains - Right Elephant Exhibit (Half of It)
Moebelle, 2 Aug 2016
    • snowleopard
      @Moebelle: what do you think of Indy's elephant exhibit? My own opinion is that the elephant complex is not as impressive as the ones found at North Carolina, Dallas, Nashville and a few others...but Indianapolis still has a very nice exhibit that would perhaps be in the second tier of elephant zoo habitats in the USA. I like the fact that your photo showcases how the enclosure seems to disappear off into a forest...very nice!
    • Moebelle
      Out of the elephant exhibits I've seen: Busch Gardens, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Columbus, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Toledo, Louisville, San Diego, this one is by far my favorite. It may be due to the fact that their Elephants are very charismatic and very photogenic but other than that the size is very sufficient and it always a joy to see them swim in their deep pool. As an added bonus, the Elephants appear as if they're almost unenclosed. For the space that the zoo has, I think this does a good job simulating an African savanna.
    • elefante
      Looks spacious!
    • Moebelle
      I'm actually here at the exhibit right now and while the size is more than adequate, I noticed something unfortunate about the hotwire placement. They can't get within 30 ft of the front fence, 20ft within the entire back fence, 15ft within trees, and they can't even access to the entire central area (makes a giant circle in the middle). So basically their exhibit is a small portion on the right, two narrow trails that circle the center, and the pool on the left side.
    • Moebelle
      Scratch that, as of now they can't even access the right side either. I'm guessing it's only during the colder part of the year because I don't remember it being like this.
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