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aviary for blue crowned pigeons (Goura cristata)

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aviary for blue crowned pigeons (Goura cristata)
Chlidonias, 14 May 2014
    • Maxime
      I visited Melaka Butterfly Park in august 2008 and I realize, with your photos, all the big improvements which take place there since my visit, thank you very much Childonias ! It appears than the animal collection was greatly reduced to focus on birds and reptiles. All cages for mammals have apparently been renovated for smaller species, for example, this aviary was home to a pair of Indochinese leopards six years ago. I make the same observation with the malayan tapir, the smooth-coated otters, the binturongs, the 3 hornbills species, the cassowary, the crab-eating macaque, the lar gibbon, and of course the famous flat-headed cat...
    • Chlidonias
      wow, seriously, a pair of clouded leopards in this??! This is fine for crowned pigeons but I would not be at all impressed to see even one clouded leopard in this cage!! In fact it sounds like I would not have been impressed with anything back in 2008!

      I am glad it has improved so much in that case. Now it is a very good collection indeed.
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    14 May 2014
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