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Baboon Island

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Baboon Island
geomorph, 23 Jun 2010
    • snowleopard
      This colossal enclosure was built in the 1930's and has been largely unchanged ever since! There was a renovation of it in the early 1970's and the structure is massive, but in essence it is a gigantic fake blob that used to be extremely common in zoos worldwide. Brookfield Zoo recently bulldozed its similarly-themed ibex "mountain" to make way for Great Bear Wilderness.
    • reduakari
      GBW is also "in essence" a gigantic fake blob. Progress?
    • Milwaukee Man
      The size of the exhibit's good for the baboons, but it's nothing but fake rock with some logs thrown in. If there was grass on the flat parts of the enclosure, then it would be quite a bit better!
    • IanRRobinson
      But with baboons and a Chicago winter to endure, how long would grass last?
    • JVM
      Something that's been noted elsewhere but not by this photo, which is especially relevant - for a long time, particularly the 1930s and 1940s, the lower moats were filled with water. Let the Lions Roar has a passage describing how a boy fell in the water around 'Monkey Island', noting that the resident baboons and then sheep were disinterested and that the water therefore provided the main danger.
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