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Bear Bile Farm cage at the RSCC 28/11/09

With invitation to enter!

Bear Bile Farm cage at the RSCC 28/11/09
Maguari, 2 Dec 2009
    • Maguari
      With invitation to enter!
    • chizlit
      Thanks for posting this.
      I'd like to see more zoo's doing this kind of 'education' so people understand what happens and hopefully get involved in stopping some of these awful acts.
    • PAT
      I agree and it could be used to educate visitors about other things. Like snares and what not, although I don't think guests would like having a snare used on them. :)
    • kiang
      Agree with all the above, a truly excellent educational tool.
    • Arizona Docent
      That is fantastic. I've never seen such an exhibit at a zoo - truly innovative.

      A lot of U.S. children's zoos have domestic animals in petting farms, often in recreated idealized family farms. What if they had exhibits like this about the realities (horrors?) of factory farming?
    • Hix
      While I think it is a good educational tool, it would be even better if zoos in South-east Asia had something similar. Educate the people who actually create the demand for bile.

      Then again, considering the attitudes towards wildlife that some Asian cultures have, it probably wouldn't make a lot of difference.
    • chizlit
      That's the kind of thing I wanted to write, but didn't know if I could get away with it, but you've said it so good on you and I second your view.
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