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Blue Duiker at Colchester 29/11/09

[i]Philantomba monticola[/i] Very nice to see this species back.

Blue Duiker at Colchester 29/11/09
Maguari, 4 Dec 2009
    • Maguari
      Philantomba monticola

      Very nice to see this species back.
    • PAT
      Are there many duikers in the UK?
    • taun
      Am not completely sure but I believe this is currently the only Duikers in the UK.
    • Maguari
      Colchester appear to just have the one (based on what I saw and ISIS) so at the moment this is the only duiker on show in the UK.

      There have, however, been strong rumours around (including on these very boards) of at least one UK zoo getting Natal Red Duiker very soon, which I would love to see in the UK. The species is booming (by duiker standards) in Europe, so I think it's only a matter of time.
    • taun
      I have heard about these rumours myself, I cannot wait for them to turn into reality!
    • Pertinax
      I knew they were uncommon but didn't realise I was looking at the only Duiker in the Uk when I saw it.:cool:

      It lives in an 'Edge of Africa' enclosure with Stanley cranes. These are somewhat better(more natural) enclosures than in the older part of the zoo.
    • zoogiraffe
      It`s not a rumour just waiting for the paper work to be sorted out!
    • johnstoni
      I think this animal has been at Colchester for a number of years and is actually the survivor of a small group which have now dwindled to this one animal, unless someone can correct me and this is in fact a new arrival.
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