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Bobby - Berlin Natural History Museum

Bobby - Berlin Natural History Museum
FunkyGibbon, 11 Jul 2015
    • Zoofan15
      I thought this might have been Bobby from ZSL, who died more recently and @Pertinax described as a small male; but I learned it was Bobby from Berlin Zoo, which makes more geographical sense. He was eight years old when he died, which explains his small size for a male. He also looks in very good condition, considering he died in 1935. The London Natural History Museum could learn a thing or two from these guys. :p
    • Pertinax
      @Zoofan15 I think Berlin's Bobby was older than eight when he died- I think the general estimate is 11, born 1926- died 1935. I've seen photos and film of him and he looks almost silverback stage as does the taxidermy mount.
    • Zoofan15
      @Pertinax I just double checked and his estimated age at death was nine (not eight); though looking at his profile. I agree with you he looks much older than eight/nine as the sagittal crest is quite well developed. I suppose we can put this down to people knowing little about the species in 1928 (when he was captured), much less able to accurately identify their age.
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    11 Jul 2015
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