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Brazilian Spectacled Owl Exhibit

Brazilian Spectacled Owl Exhibit
Pleistohorse, 15 Jul 2015
    • Chlidonias
      I am confused! Is this what the sign called them?
    • TeaLovingDave
      I've heard of exhibit signposting getting the range of a species wrong, but this one takes the biscuit! :p
    • Pleistohorse the blame where it belongs! It's probably my fault! Let me review and correct my posting. :)
    • Pleistohorse
      My apologies to the Fort Worth Zoo and ZooChat community. I've corrected the posting. Trust me, I'm the guy that audibly groans at zoo goers misidentifying Mammal I can imagine the Birders response to my flub! Folks in Dallas-Fort Worth are vey lucky to have two really nice zoos in their metroplex...each with awesome signage.
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    15 Jul 2015
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