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Bronx Zoo 2010 - Part of Pere Davids Deer exhibit

September 2010 Part of Pere Davids Deer exhibit.

Bronx Zoo 2010 - Part of Pere Davids Deer exhibit
Baldur, 17 Dec 2010
    • Baldur
      September 2010

      Part of Pere Davids Deer exhibit.
    • Maguari
      That looks really nice. Always good to see Pere David's with a wallow.
    • Baldur
      Indeed; it came as a pleasant surprise to me to see this species at the Bronx because I thought they had been kept at the 'Rare Animal Range' (ungulates) which closed along with (most unfortunately) 'World of Darkness' in 2008 or 2009.
    • Zooplantman
      They moved to this area around 1993.
      The wallow is a clay-lined pool. The water used to end up in the Bronx River, but I believe that that was changed some years ago.
    • Giant Eland
      Anyone remember what they kept in the current Pere David's Deer exhibit before 1993, was it Elk? or something boring like that?? I might have an old Bronx Zoo map I could check..but I'd have to look for it...
    • reduakari
      For years it was home to a nice herd of Roosevelt's Elk (not really all that boring!). But the Pere David's, being a marsh-adapted species, definitely use the pond a lot more.
    • chizlit
      If you lived in the UK elk would not be boring.
    • elephantking
      I think the rooseveelts elk were moved to the queens zoo after it was renovated in 1993.
    • chizlit
      Queen's zoo is one that isn't talked about much here as it's overshadowed by it's bigger sister in the Bronx, but on my visits I've always enjoyed this little gem.
    • Giant Eland
      Meh, subspecies don't usually do it for me...So Roosevelt Elk, is just an Elk to me. And of all the 56 species of deer or so, and Elk is near the bottom of uniqueness scale to me. And for me uniqueness = exciting. After all Elk are one of the 5 or so species that already live in America, and when I go to a zoo it's nice to see animals from far away continents. I know the Bronx zoo is limited because of weather, and also already has a great deer collection on the Wild Asia Monorail..but I certainly don't miss seeing the Elk.
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