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Center for African Apes - Gorilla Exhibit 1

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Center for African Apes - Gorilla Exhibit 1
geomorph, 18 Jun 2010
    • Blackduiker
      Regardless of some that may criticize, this view shows quite a few opportunities for climbing.
    • Maguari
      I was just thinking how refreshing it was that they haven't tried to blot out the brick building behind in order to convince you it's not a zoo!
    • geomorph
      Maguari, yes that building in back is the Primate House, originally built as the Small Animal House in 1927.
    • Maguari
      Thanks for that geomorph - glad to see it's holding off against the bulldozer brigade! :D
    • reduakari
      Well, the interior of the old Small Mammal building was completely redone in the 90s, to a not-especially satisfying result as noted in Geomorph's review.

      The thing I don't like about Lincoln Park's new ape exhibits is that although they don't try to pretend they are anything but enclosures in a downtown Chicago park, they spent a lot of effort on some mighty unconvincing artificial "tropical" trees, "bamboo" and murals that are half-baked attempts at naturalism in an obviously artificial/architectural context. The end result is neither "Congo" nor "Howlett's," but a sort of odd mash-up of the two styles. Good spaces for the apes however--a huge improvement over the previous 70s concrete bunker.
    • joshgrossglaza
      Gorilla exhibit #1, home to Jojo's group, including his 3 females, Makari, Bahaiti, and Tabibu, his 2 juvenille kids, Azizi and Susie, and now home to the newest members of the group...
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