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Children's Trail - Dalmatian Pelican

I was amazed at how big this bird was! January 2012

Children's Trail - Dalmatian Pelican
Ituri, 1 Mar 2012
    • Ituri
      I was amazed at how big this bird was!
      January 2012
    • IanRRobinson
      Not a species that I'd encourage my kids to cuddle up to....
    • Jesszoo
      It's Gulliver! He is the adventurous one of the group. These guys are HUGE!! They are not aggressive though and seem to not mind kids approaching them (although we of course discourage any interaction at all) but they will display and spread their wings towards adults which cause everyone to back up pretty quickly!

      This particular Pelican likes to wander around the outer tropics trail and have been found as far away as the elephant snack bar! They also were frequently guilty of blocking the train! We had to call keepers to come and wrangle them back into the lake so we could get by. They have been better about staying in and around the lake now that they have settled in better. The boat rentals are also in this lake and they are not separated from each other, but there have not been any incidents. I know I wouldn't challenge a 4 foot tall 30 pound bird with a 10 foot wingspan! :eek:
    • Ituri
      I had seen Dalmatian pelicans before at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and at a considerable distance, I was just astounded at how big they really are. I had no idea.
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