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Blackduiker, 9 May 2010
    • European Fauna
      What is the space that the chimp is reaching into? Is it another enclosure occupied by conspecifics? If it is a space where staff may pass in front, this is a terrible husbandry blunder.One of the first husbandry rules for great apes is that they should under no circumstances be able to reach out to staff.I do not know the details of this enclosure - I am sure somebody will provide details.What I will say is that many zoos are becoming lax on this point & storing up accidents & incidents for the future.
    • mstickmanp
    • Blackduiker
      The photo provided in the link by mstickmanp, is almost the precise area the Chimp was reaching through. Though called the "Penthouse" it was built as an outdoor portion of their night quarters. On warm summer nights, they are allowed to stay out all night. If they so choose. No one walks past the outer area shown here, which is where the subject in the other photo was reaching out.
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    9 May 2010
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