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Cleaning 1 of the Grey Seal Pools

Cleaning 1 of the Grey Seal Pools
zoogiraffe, 14 Jul 2009
    • Kwambeze
      It looks to be very shallow pools! The seals don´t have the opportunity to swim or stand in the water. Are all pools for gray seals like this one?

      It's a big difference to the 9 meters deep pool in Kolmarden, Sweden.
    • zoogiraffe
      No pool isn`t much more than 5 foot in depth,but the thing to remember is that this place is a rescue centre and not a zoo,where ever possible they re-lease the Seal back to the wild,only those that wouldn`t survive back in the wild stay at the centre,also the animals in this pool have been at the place for well over 15 years and one of them is blind.Most of the newer pools have a depth of water well over 9 foot,but this one is one of the original pools built back in the late 1970`s or early 1980`s.
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    14 Jul 2009
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