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Clouded Leopard Enclosure - Lisbon Zoo 2005

Breeding Success??

Clouded Leopard Enclosure - Lisbon Zoo 2005
Newzooboy, 1 Mar 2008
    • Newzooboy
      Breeding Success??
    • NZ Jeremy
      Animals that rare and sought after should not be in that kind of exhibit..!
    • Cat-Man
      noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they should not be kept like this, who is the F*****g owner of the crap hole of a zoo
    • kiang
      How far different is this enclosure from the RSCC clouded leopard enclosure?, apart from the flooring, it looks to have the same dimensions and the same amount of climbing facilities, yes a little more imagination would not go amiss here, but the emphasis from a management point of view here is that this animal must be seen, fairly or unfairly!
    • snowleopard
      This clouded leopard exhibit reminds me of when I visited Alcatraz Prison off of the coast of California (San Francisco is the nearest city) in May of 2006. There the public is allowed in the prison cells, and the dimensions are probably the same size as this cage. The RSCC looks good compared to the Lisbon Zoo in this particular photo.:)
    • CindelP
      Untill a few years ago ALL big cats were kept in these cages at LisbonZoo (except Bengals and Lions).

      Lynx, Snow leopards, leopards, jaguars - all lived in these cages!!

      They're demolished last year (or two years ago) and no longer exist.

      Pumas are now living in the Bengal enclosure. Sumatran and Siberian are on the new Tiger-Valey.

      White Bengals are on a new enclosure in the middle of the Zoo, next to Gorillas.

      The other cats (ocelots, servals, jaguars, snow leopards, persian leopards) are living on the "Feline hill" - 7 enclosures.

      Quite nice for the jaguars, lynx and serval and ocellots. A little small - as I see it - for the leopards (7!!!) and for the snow leos .
      But a lot better than those concrete!

      I have, however, no idea what have happened to these clouded leopards. Does someone knows ???
    • GillP
      That's great news !
    • CindelP
      I personally think that the former Bengal tiger enclosure - now the Puma enclosure - would be great house for these cats ...
    • Blackduiker

      Yikes! I'm glad to hear this was done away with. And none too soon!:eek:
    • Baldur
      I do not support the existence of such barren empty cages either. Another thing I do not support is your language. Look, I know you're only eleven or twelve, but unless you can express your opinions in a more reserved and adult manner than you do here, and presumably is the norm on the school playfield, keep them to yourself. This is a serious forum on the serious subjects of zoos, animals and conservation.
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