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Colchester Zoo 22nd April 2010

Subu's replacement

Colchester Zoo 22nd April 2010
Titus, 22 Apr 2010
    • Titus
      Subu\'s replacement
    • Titus
      I was told that 1 male and 2 Female Lions arrived from Woburn on the 21st of April at about Miday. They were off show but the Male was only just visible which is why this isn't a great picture. I forgot ask their names.
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    • Little Lion Man
      Good spot Titus I knew it would not take Colchester long to replace him.
    • Roz
      Ah cool I could tell they had some lined up as they were giving the enclosure a bit of a makeover last week.
    • Titus
      I can put a name to the face now this is Bailey. As the females Malika and Naja who arrived with him are related to him I wonder if they will exchange them with somewhere else in the future?
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    • Animal
      In the press-information it's said they won't breed, because the lions are related. A good thing, I think, because there are too many mix-lions.
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