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Tim May

Corner of equid cabinet; Tring Zoological Museum; 30th December 2010

Corner of equid cabinet; Tring Zoological Museum; 30th December 2010
Tim May, 30 Dec 2010
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    • Fossa dude
      Quagga up top. Looks more like a Wild Ass of some type ( Nubian?)
    • Tim May
      No this is not the display case that features the quagga; the quagga and a Somali wild ass are in another case opposite this one.
    • adrian1963
      Never been here am thinking about making a visit are the animals actual size or just models and what did you think of the displays
    • Tim May
      The animals on display are mounted skins not models so they are actual size (although the dodo specimen is a model of course).

      I think it is a fascinating place so would thoroughly recommend a visit.

      As shown in the picture, the displays are very old-fashioned, but that is not intended as a criticism, as I much prefer old-fashioned natural history museum exhibits to modern ones.
    • Pertinax
      Its interesting that most of the Equids in this display are mounted in a sitting position- presumably that was for space considerations.

      Possibly moving the Quagga has been done for a similar reason.
    • Tim May
      Yes, I’m sure that most of the equids (and many other species too) have been mounted in a sitting position to save space: Rothschild always wanted to cram as many specimens into each cabinet as possible.

      The quagga case has been rearranged to clear a path to the newly installed lift.
    • Kifaru Bwana
      Fond memories from my - alas as yet - once in a lifetime visit to the Tring Museum with Tim. I instantly recognised the equids corner. The museum is a veritable treasure trove of history and learning!

      I would love to go back and rummage through their giant tortoise collection a.o.
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    • Tim May
      @Kifaru Bwana

      Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the visit we made together to this museum.

      Indeed I wish all of Rothschild's extensive collection of giant tortoises (together with all his sixty plus cassowaries) were on exhibit in the Tring Museum.
    • Kifaru Bwana
      @Tim May, my compliments again to you for being such great company.

      I do hope we can do a repeat some time after this Corona ***** storm has moved over.
      At least the zoo collectors' fair is still a while off ...
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