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Crested pigeon -Edinburgh 07

Crested pigeon -Edinburgh 07
Al, 9 Apr 2008
    • Devonvm
      Beautiful bird!
    • okapikpr
      A very cool bird, what is their natural range?
    • mstickmanp
      I once read about them and I think they are found in Australia, but I could be wrong.
    • PAT
      Their natural breeding range seems to be in the tree outside my bedroom window at 3 or 4 in the morning.
      They live all over Australia except for the tropics and the driest deserts.
    • Hix
      Yeah, there's a couple in my backyard too. A nice change from the turtle-doves and Indian Mynahs.

      The one in the photo appears to be under some distress, the wings are not held properly.
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    9 Apr 2008
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