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Discovery Bay - Bottlenose Dolphin Show Amphitheater

For details, see my review

Discovery Bay - Bottlenose Dolphin Show Amphitheater
geomorph, 26 May 2010
    • snowleopard
      It was announced today that Minnesota Zoo will no longer have dolphins, and they join Point Defiance as zoos that have recently ended their dolphin program. I'm quite curious to see if the zoo will redevelop the pool as a pinniped habitat.

      An excerpt from my 2008 review:

      Discovery Bay - 4 dolphins in a lacklustre 15-minute show in an aging dolphinarium that was so-so at best. The pools aren't quite big enough for such intelligent animals, and the other aquarium tanks (sharks, fish, seahorses, sea turtles) were underwhelming. My first impression at entering the mammoth building was one of delight, but after the novelty of the facade wore off there was nothing but merely adequate exhibits that have been done far better elsewhere.
    • TropicWorld54
      This is bad is there any more underwater viewing and is this the show tank and the exhibit?
    • geomorph
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    26 May 2010
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