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Duisburg Zoo 2004 - Pink River Dolphins in the old pool

September 2004 Pink River Dolphins in the old pool.

Duisburg Zoo 2004 - Pink River Dolphins in the old pool
Baldur, 7 Mar 2010
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    • PeGe
      i know the old prison but unfortunately i don't have a proper picture of it, showing size and especially deepness. Can anyone help please?
    • Bib Fortuna
      Prison ?

      Ps :The old River Dolphin tank was much bigger than it appeared on Pictures-nevertheless it was too small for that species from our todays view, but unless that fact they were doing very well in it. I have Pictures of the old pool in its full size, but I don't upload my own Pictures-Sorry.
    • DavidBrown
      How many botos did the zoo originally have? Just the two here?
    • KevinB
      According to the information on Zootierliste and on the link below (in German) they imported 3.2 wild caught animals from Venezuela in 1975. Both females and one male died within the first few years, the oldest of the surviving males in 2006, not that long after moving into the current exhibit.

      Duisburger Wale und Delfine
    • Zoofan15
      @KevinB These two (Vater and Baby) died 2006 and 2020 respectively. Do you know the names of the others?
    • Zoofan15
      @KevinB Never mind, found it:

      0.1 Oma - died 1975
      0.1 Mutter - died 1976
      1.0 Halbstarker - died 1978
      1.0 Vater - died 2006
      1.0 Baby - died 2020 (45 years after capture!)
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