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Tim May

Eastern lowland gorilla; Antwerp Zoo; 12th May 2010

Eastern lowland gorilla; Antwerp Zoo; 12th May 2010
Tim May, 15 May 2010
    • Tim May
      Although I’ve been to Antwerp Zoo a number of times over the years, it is a long while since my previous visit and I’m not a regular enough visitor to recognise the individual animals.

      Please can somebody (perhaps Pertinax or someone from Belgium) identify what gorilla this is?
    • Pertinax
      I am not sure if it is Amohoro or Victoria. Anybody?
      Excellent shot though.

      If this is Amohoro then she cannot be a true 'Volcano' gorilla as her features are quite different.
    • Baldur
      I have not been to Antwerpen in 8 years and it was only well after I was there last time that I heard that two of their gorillas were suspected Mountain/Eastern Lowland Gorillas. Are they very old now? I.e. am I running out of time to get back for a photo or two?
    • Hix
      To me, it doesn't look Eastern. Have they done DNA testing to confirm?
    • lintworm
      this is Amahoro
    • Tim May
      Thank you for identifying this gorilla.

      Is Amahoro the one that is sometimes alleged to be a true mountain gorilla rather than an Eastern lowland gorilla?
    • lintworm
    • Tim May
      Many thanks for confirming this.
    • Cat-Man
      Are the two animals in question still on display?
    • amur leopard
      @Cat-Man Amahoro is still alive, (31 years old now iirc), but Victoria passed away a while ago unfortunately :(. Probably the most famous 'last of a kind' individual in European zoos after Baby's passing.
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    15 May 2010
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