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Elephant march, Singapore Zoo

Blown up photo of the Zoo's eles in 1992, displayed at the current Elephants of Asia exhibit. 2 of them have passed away (Palong and Anusha), another one has been sent to Melaka Zoo in Malaysia (Lasah). 2008 photo.

Elephant march, Singapore Zoo
Zooish, 18 May 2008
    • Zooish
      Blown up photo of the Zoo's eles in 1992, displayed at the current Elephants of Asia exhibit.

      2 of them have passed away (Palong and Anusha), another one has been sent to Melaka Zoo in Malaysia (Lasah).

      2008 photo.
    • Douanita
      Very nice pic!

      Can you perhaps tell me what happened to Tun?
    • Zooish

      Tun is presently housed in Night Safari Singapore together with 2 other females and 2 males.
    • Douanita

      So both Singapore Zoo and Night Safari house 5 elephants?
      In the Zoo: Komali, Jati, Gambir, Intan and Aprila (all female).
      And in NS: males Chawang and Sang Wira, and females Tun, Sri Nandong and Jamilah.

      Can you perhaps tell me something about the breeding successes?
      Howmany births occured until now?
      And did the semencollection already resulted in a pregnancy?
    • Zooish
      Yes, you are absolutely correct with the elephant info.

      As far as I know, 4 births have occurred in the past:

      1. Sri Utama - female; first ever elephant born in Singapore in 1998. Died of heart failure at 15 months age.

      2. Sang Raja - male; born 1999. Now residing in Cologne Zoo

      3. Unknown - possibly male; born around 1999. Died (This birth was never publicized which probably means the calf died at a very young age)

      4. Sang Wira - male; born 2001. Now at Night Safari (There were plans to move him to another zoo before he got too big to fly in a plane, but it did not happen)

      There has been constant effort to breed the elephants since the last birth in 2001, but there has not been success.

      I don't think the semen collection produced any births, as there has not been any press reports. I'm quite sure a birth would be heavily publicized.

      I must emphasize that i do not work for Singapore Zoo/Night Safari and I do not represent them. All the above info is accurate to my best knowledge but is not official. ;)
    • Douanita
      Thank you very much for this information!!!

      Can you perhaps provide me the full dates of birth for the calfs and their parents.
      And info about former elephants that died are were moved to other zoos.
      And the arrival dates for the current elephants.

      Hope you can help, because the zoo doesn't reply on my email.

      Thanks in advance for your time.
    • Douanita
      To complete this information: Palong died April 17th 2003 in Rotterdam Zoo, where he arrived August 13th 1998.
    • dragon(ele)nerd
      The elephant database states that Palong is the father of Sri Utama and Jamilah is the mother. As for the unknown male, I can't confirm it but I have read somewhere that Jamilah was the other as well . Such a shame that they haven't had better success with elephants, I've been over there a few times and it really is such a great zoo.

      As for Sang Wira I'm really curious why he never moved to another zoo, the zoo has had experince in moving Sang Raja, and if Palong arrived in 1998, he would of been 12 upon arrival to Rotterdam.

      Just some randomn points, I've read somewhere that Tun cannot fall pregnant or something like that (confirmation needed).
      - in Taiping zoo, Malaysia the zoo has had great success with breeding, 5 calves ( 1 has passed away) all female ( unsure about the newest born). The calves are 7,5,3 and less than one. so I would think in the future they might be sent to Singapore to prevent in- breeding with their father and perhaps try their chances with Wira or Chawang.
    • DavidBrown
      With all of the expansion that goes on at this zoo has the possibility of starting an African elephant herd ever surfaced?
    • Zooish
      Not likely, for the simple reason that Singapore lacks space. The entire site allocated to the Zoo, Night Safari and upcoming River Safari is only 90 hectares, and most of it has been used up. The "expansion" is largely illusory, its actually redevelopment. River Safari for example does not take up any new land but uses parts of the existing Zoo and Night Safari land.
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