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Elephant seal " Charly "

Elephant seal " Charly "
Zebraduiker, 19 Jul 2008
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    • kiang
      great picture!
    • Eagle
      Which date is the photo from?
    • dragon(ele)nerd
      I agree, awesome photo.
    • okapikpr
      That's one massive seal!
    • dragon(ele)nerd
      How many zoos/ parks have elephant seals in the world?
    • Sun Wukong
      @dragon(ele)nerd: Nowadays (except maybe obscure Japanese institutions) just (more or less) temporary husbandry of injured/orphaned Northern (as far as I know, also Southern???) elephant seals in marine mammal centers and occasionally zoos (quite recently San Francisco).
    • dragon(ele)nerd
      Thanks sun, hopefully one day these massive seals will be found around all over the world in institutes.
    • Sun Wukong
      You're welcome, yet honestly, I hope not; if, then only in the very few institutions that could provide adequate care.
    • Zebraduiker
      I agree with Sun Wukong, its not possible to keep this aniamls in zoos, thats why Frankfurt Zoo has ended keeping elephants seals in zoos, so they wrote that in their book to the 125 years anniversary. To many elephant seals died in the zoos after a short time, and they never bred succesfully anywhere in the world.of course, some zoos had several births, mostly dead born, there was a handraised elephant seal at Berlin Zoo, but it died some months later, and as long as I know, only one elephant seal was born and raised by its mother at Antwerp Zoo. This bull named"Eric"was send to Berlin zoo. He has lived a couple of years at the zoo until he died very early. You have to read the Berlin zoo annual reports, its impressive how many elephant seals the zoo has send over the "Jordan"
    • Joker1706
      Just one single correction, there has been a second successful breeding of elephant seals in captivity ! I believe, it must be the first one in the world, though ! It was in Stuttgart, the father was named "Tristan", so his daughter was called "Isolde"... These two calfs ("Eric" and "Isolde") were the only elephant seals ever raised in a zoo.
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    19 Jul 2008
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