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Eon Park: 2006 version

My first Prehistoric Safari Park made back in 2006; regardless to say, a car ride through a tyrannosaurus rex enclosure is in dire need of a remake. Species list in the coments below. Remake:

Eon Park: 2006 version
JigerofLemuria, 31 Aug 2020
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    • JigerofLemuria
      Species list:

      Paddock 1:

      1- Scutosaurus

      2- Moschops

      3- Lystrosaurus

      Paddock 2:

      4- Styracosaurus

      5- Pachycephalosaurus

      6- Triceratops

      7- “Anatotitan”

      8- Parasaurolophus

      Paddock 3:

      9- Western horse

      10- Glyptodon

      11- American Mastodon

      12- Megatherium

      13- American camel

      Paddocks 4, 5 and 6

      14- Sauroctonus

      15- Tyrannosaurus Rex

      16- Smilodon

      Foot park

      17- Aviary (A single, beach-themed enclosure):

      a. Eudimorphodon

      b. Dimorphodon

      c. Rhamphorhynchus

      d. Pterodactylus

      e. Archaeopteryx

      f. Ichthyornis

      g. Hesperornis

      18- Eocene House (separate exhibits):

      a. Leptictidium, Eohippus, Godinotia

      b. Pakicetus

      c. Gastornis

      19- Aquarium (separate exhibits):

      a. Rhinesuchus

      b. Cymbospondylus

      c. Plesiosaurus

      d. Dorudon
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