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Eurasian Badger at Ohrada, 26/05/10

[i]Meles meles[/i]

Eurasian Badger at Ohrada, 26/05/10
Maguari, 9 Jun 2010
    • Maguari
      Meles meles
    • European Fauna
      Not seen nearly often enough in European Zoos.As my nick suggests, one of the buzziest bees in my bonnet is the lack of European Fauna in European Zoos.While I am 100% in favour of efforts on behalf of Sumatran tigers & co. , I believe European Zoos obtain an average of "Fail" in their efforts on behalf of European Fauna.As I have stated before, an urban-dwelling European during his lifetime, provided he has visited some zoos, will have seen many more lesser pandas than badgers.What a shame.Of course, many Eurasian species which we take for granted are far from having a secure future.Consider the population decline of the red squirrel in the U.K.
      Zoos would do well in getting good husbandry experience with these species, before it becomes too urgent.
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    9 Jun 2010
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