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Eurasian Otter Enclosure

7th of August 2016

Eurasian Otter Enclosure
LaughingDove, 1 Sep 2016
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    • LaughingDove
      7th of August 2016
    • Pertinax
      For some reason the Eurasian otters here seem much more visible than they normally are elsewhere. Usually regarded as notoriously elusive in daylight, but here I saw a mother and her three/four(?) large cubs frolicking in one enclosure, an adult dog otter awake and active in another and maybe one or two more. Some of them are previous rescues as small cubs, which might account for them being less retiring.

      They have an impressive record of rearing orphaned/abandoned wild otter cubs and returning them to the wild also.
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    1 Sep 2016
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