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-extinct in wild- Lowry Park Zoo Tram in enclosure with waterbuck

-extinct in wild- Lowry Park Zoo Tram in enclosure with waterbuck
DejaVuKatz, 10 Mar 2012
    • DejaVuKatz
      The driver said this animal was extinct in the wild, but forget what he had called it, but there was a breeding pair. It looks like a type of heartbeast.
    • Chlidonias
      it is a bontebok
    • Mr T
      Pretty sure they are not extinct in the wild.
    • Eagle
      It was nearly extinct in the wild.
    • Kifaru Bwana
      The driver / interpreter missed a giant opportunity there! To point out what captive and active population management can do to regenerate a species and let it recover from the brink. :(
    • thor
      Last time I was there I didn't see any bonteboks? They must be new?
    • Chlidonias
      Its a matter of semantics. They are living wild in national parks and ranches, but no longer in their original range (or rather, re-introduced from ranched animals). I know its Wikipedia but: "Bontebok were once extensively killed as pests, and were reduced to a wild population of just seventeen animals, but the species has since recovered. Blesbok are extinct in their natural habitat but they have increased in population to the point where they are now very abundant and avidly farmed, because they are popular quarry for hunters and are easy to sustain."

      [ame=]Bontebok - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]
    • DejaVuKatz
      thanks so much for helping me figure out what it was! I finaly got to take the safari tram in the hopes of seeing scimitar horned onyx. I don't recall why I thought they were there , but they wern't.
    • thor
      They used to have scimitar horned and red forest buffalo as well as a few other species but the old zoo director...I forgot his name left the zoo amidst controversy..He has his own animal park in Dade county called Giraffe Ranch and I guess the Scimitar horned and other species belonged to him and not the zoo? Not quite sure what really happened..but to make a long story short they are now at the Giraffe ranch....
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