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Feeding time at Lory Loft

Hundreds of lories gather to feed, an explosion of colour and noise.

Feeding time at Lory Loft
Zooish, 12 Jan 2007
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    • Zooish
      Hundreds of lories gather to feed, an explosion of colour and noise.
    • ZYBen
      Amazing the Red Lories look great amongst the rainbows, same with that yellow bibbed on the fourth tray from the right. Are there any problems with inbreeding. I mean there are lotsa Trichoglossus S.Species and i can see 2 from that phot and both of them breed with Musks. Wish i could send you some Purple Crowns for there to..
    • Zooish
      yeah, there have been some instances of the different trichoglossus subspecies interbreeding, but its not a serious problem, they largely stick to their own s.species.

      Good eyes! There are Yellow-bibbed Lories in there. If memory serves me right, these are the species in the aviary:

      Rainbow Lorikeet (several s.species including red-collared and Indonesian)
      Musk Lorikeet
      Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
      Red Lory
      Violet-necked Lory
      Blue-streaked Lory
      Ornate Lory
      Black-capped Lory
      Chattering Lory
      Yellow-bibbed Lory
      Purple-naped Lory
      Dusky Lory

      In addition, there are a pair of Palm Cockatoos and a pair of Pesquet's Parrots in there as well.
    • ZYBen
      I knew about the Palm Cockies but not the pesquets. How high up is the bridge? and do people ever get to see birds at ground level
    • Zooish
      The pesquets are a recent addition. Previously galahs, major mitchell's and red-tailed black cockatoos were housed there, but they've been removed for some reason.

      Visitors walkways are all elevated. Ground level access is for staff only. The bridge and tower are about 6 to 10m high (varies because the aviary is built onto a steep slope).
    • ZYBen
      So there were many Australian Birds in there, Does Jurong have many incidences with thefts having so many expnsive birds
    • Zooish
      I guess there may have been isolated incidents of theft, but nothing major have been reported to my knowledge. The walk-thru areas all have security features like CCTVs and motion sensors to deter thieves. Even parrots in caged aviaries are protected by motion sensors.

      A bigger problem is probably escape. I'm pretty sure several rainbow lorikeets have escaped from the exhibit. A couple of African starlings and wood hoopoes which escaped from the Waterfall Aviary can often be spotted within the park grounds.

      BTW, here's a great photo website with THE MOST comprehensive photographic record of the birds at Jurong BirdPark:
    • ZYBen
      Thanks again zoopro
    • Writhedhornbill
      How do he public see the pesquet's parrots?
    • Zooish
      The pesquet's are free-flying so its kinda hard to spot them in the aviary. they're usually quite shy and prefer to stay near their introduction cage.
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