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Fennec fox. taronga Zoo. 8/4/2008

Fennec fox. taronga Zoo. 8/4/2008
boof, 9 Apr 2008
    • Jabiru96
      What is the future for the fennec fox in Australia?

      Surely not like the dhole or clouded leopard
    • LOU
      The program was downgraded a couple of years ago and as far as i know the current population is made up of:

      1.1 - Adelaide Zoo
      2.0 - Mogo Zoo
      0.1 - Taronga Zoo

      Taronga have indicated they want to establish a breeding pair, Adelaide plan to import and Werribee have listed to acquire this species in the future.

    • Jabiru96
      Just 1 at Taronga!!!!-(I thought they had a pair?)

      At least Taronga and some other zoos want to get more. Are the pair at Adelaide a breeding pair?
    • Electus Parrot
      I always thought Taronga had a pair.
      The current female was swapped with Adelaide for the male that was bred at Taronga. The female at Adelaide and the female at Taronga are related. Adelaide is trying to breed them but it is a slow process.
    • torie
      Taronga only have one female. the male recently died at some crazy old age.
    • Electus Parrot
      Oh ok, cheers.
    • Jabiru96
      Tanks torie. They havent seem to announced it on their website....
    • Electus Parrot
      They probably won't. A lot of the time the 'less popular' animals (to the normal zoo goer) won't get a mention on the site.
    • Hix
      Especially if it has died.
    • Electus Parrot
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    9 Apr 2008
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