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Fish market- Chatuchak market, June 2013.

Photo taken on the 16th June 2013.

Fish market- Chatuchak market, June 2013.
devilfish, 25 Jul 2013
    • devilfish
      Photo taken on the 16th June 2013.
    • Chlidonias
      where the heck is the fish section at the market!? I have been a couple of times since 2006, as well as today, and I have never found it. I know it's there because I have seen people carrying bags of goldfish and what-not home, and today I saw someone with an opaque plastic bag of water with what looked like frogs bouncing around inside. Unfortunately I always get well and truly lost at the market, I just can't navigate the maze of alleyways (and I mean literally lost -- it takes me forever to find my way back to the exit nearest the Mo Chit station!)
    • devilfish
      A shame you missed it; I found the fish section to be the most interesting part (in terms of rare species displayed). There are also some interesting taxidermy/book shops elsewhere in the market.

      It is a very hectic place and quite difficult to navigate. A lot of stalls look the same too. The other photo you've commented on - are you sure it was that same stall? If so, then you were close to the fish. As I remember it, the general direction towards the fish is just towards the back of the building (a couple of hundred [?] metres through the back wall, with some adjustment). Effectively the fish area is almost between this mammal section and the main road behind. I had just come from the fish and this stall was on my left, so if you keep it on your right, walk past some small mammal/squirrel & bird stalls, follow the road round then take a left at the T-junction, you'll be very close.

      Obviously I'm going from memory on a brief wander in a crazy market 7 months ago, so my directions might not be so reliable.

      My taxi driver had dropped me off near the fish when I said I wanted the animal section; it initially looked deserted but a short walk down there were plenty of sellers on the pavement with bags of rare or coloured specimens in front of them. Inside, the open shops were brimming with fascinating fish. :)
    • Chlidonias
      I might go back. I would like to see the fish section. I can't be positive the other photo was of the same stall I saw -- they all look pretty similar -- but I think it was. I didn't see much in the way of variety in the mammals today. Lots of puppies, lots of dwarf hamsters, then regular-sized hamsters, dwarf rabbits, guineapigs, some sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and quite a lot of baby squirrels but not in the numbers I've seen at other times. I was hoping for a baby marbled cat for TeaLovingDave :D
    • devilfish
      What kind of phone do you have?
      A little trick for travellers with targets: one of the things I found very helpful was downloading photos of target animals or areas onto my phone so that if nobody spoke English I could just show them that photo for them to point me in the right direction or say 'no have'. It may be helpful to do that with one of the photos on here if you go back to Chatuchak.
    • Chlidonias
      phone? What is that? Some sort of technological thing I'll wager!

      No, I don't travel with a phone. I usually draw a picture if I need to show someone an animal. I'll just ask around for where the fish are. I might go back tomorrow. I might pay the squirrel sellers another visit just to keep them on their toes :D
    • Chlidonias
      well I went back to the market today to find the fish section. You know what I saw less than a couple of minutes after walking in......?
    • devilfish
      Easier than expected then. Did you come across a range of fascinating animals?
    • Chlidonias
      so I followed the arrow, which led down an alley and right out the back into the street behind. No wonder I hadn't found it before. I am really glad I did though, it was brilliant, and such a refreshing change from the horrible way the birds and mammals are kept in the market. It definitely helps that it is a permanent set-up so the fish stay in the tanks all the time (although obviously all the ones in bags for the day must be terribly stressed). I kept fish in New Zealand for twenty-odd years until recently, but because of our biosecurity issues there are lots of species not allowed to be imported and so this market was like heaven for me! There were shops specialising just in freshwater stingrays, or flowerhorn was amazing.

      I have to admit that yesterday I didn't visit the main mammal section of the market (nearest the fish section) because I got too lost. The animal sections are like, say, the shoe sections: you've got the main section but then other little areas scattered about randomly. So today I saw probably a couple hundred more squirrels that I'd missed yesterday, as well as a couple of prairie dogs and, yes, a baby palm civet.

      I'll be uploading various photos. (And wow some of those stall owners got hostile!!!!)
    • Chlidonias
      oh definitely! It was amazing in there! Much better than visiting a public aquarium in many ways because you're just exploring little corners and finding all sorts of treasures, and the fish all seem really well cared for so there's no guilt associated with it. What I was very surprised at was the number of fully set up heavily planted tanks which were obviously there purely for show -- and they looked fantastic.

      Highlights were payara, South American lungfish (adults, babies, even an albino), swamp eels (Monopterus albus), tanks heaving with swarms of "baby dolphins" and other mormyrids, an electric catfish, tiger shovelnoses, seeing actual baby red-tailed catfish for the first time (!), all the freshwater stingrays, freshwater toadfish, freshwater pipefish, freshwater sole .... I could pretty much go on all day. A lot of the fish in there I didn't even know properly ("some sort of catfish....").

      I felt a bit weird uploading all the photos of fish in containers that I did -- it felt like going to a pet-shop and then posting photos, but hopefully others will find it interesting.

      Now I have to do the unpleasant side -- the photos of the birds and mammals :(
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