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Elephants and Alligators

Florida Wildlife Conservation Center - Grassland

Florida Wildlife Conservation Center - Grassland
    • Elephants and Alligators
      The single largest part of the park, this area is home to some of the largest and most impressive animals Florida has to offer!

      at the beginning, we have two aviaries for Woodsward Eagle and Peregrine Falcon.

      and then we have the Small animal house,
      Home to various small critters, including American Burying Beetles and Florida Jackrabbits!

      from here, we start the loop proper! From left to right, we have

      An aviary for Merriam's Teratorn

      the main aviary housing animals like the Carolina Parakeet and the Sandhill Crane

      A vulture roost home to Black and Turkey Vultures, as well as the California Condor

      a Hog-Nosed Skunk enclosure

      a mixed species enclosure, home to Gopher Tortoise, Burrowing Owls, and Dwarf Pronghorn

      the Large Animal Area, home to

      Maned Wolf
      Herbivorous Armadillo
      American Glyptodont
      Harlan’s Ground Sloth
      Columbian Mammoth
      Stilt-Legged Burro
      Large-Headed Llama
      Eastern Camel
      Flat-Headed Peccary
      Eastern Elk
      Long-Horned Bison
      Northern Rhea
      And Giant Land Tortoises

      An enclosure for Beautiful Armadillo

      the Dire Wolf enclosure

      The American Lion enclosure

      The Scimitar-Tooth Cat enclosure

      an Enclosure for Yellow-Headed and Crested Caracara

      and the Short-Faced Bear Enclosure

      Most animals here are rescues, however, a fair number of animals (Wolves, Lions, Bears, Bison, Burros, etc.) are part of a breeding program due to their status and either Endangered or Locally Extirpated

      (All silhouettes belong to their respective owners, thought the Mammoth, Wolf, Bear, and Lion, are based off of my own artwork!)
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    Elephants and Alligators
    12 Sep 2021
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