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Former Bear Grotto 4

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Former Bear Grotto 4
geomorph, 23 Jun 2010
    • snowleopard
      All of the grottoes at Brookfield Zoo resemble the gigantic indoor building "Tropic World", as the smooth surfaces and concrete blocks are badly outdated in the 21st century. Are there any signs posted at the zoo that detail what will happen to these seemingly abandoned enclosures?
    • Taccachantrieri
      Any visitors that dare to criticize the Brookfield Zoo will be thrown into these grottoes. They will be provided with a pail of fresh water and a bone to gnaw on!
      JK! :p

      BTW I think that these grottoes "inspired" much later developments at this Zoo, as unfortunate as that may be.
    • geomorph
      When I was there they were driving wood posts for graphics in front of each exhibit, but I am not sure what the graphics were going to be.
    • mcatee123
      As an animal enclousure its pretty awfull but I think it is very pretty as a peice of construction .
      I have never worked with bears but I would imagine the smooth surface would lead to horrifically over grown claws
    • reduakari
      Including, I'm afraid, the brand-new "Great Bear Wilderness"--21st century grottoes
    • Baldur
      Will these be taken down in due course, now that the GBW is up and running, or will they be allowed to stand?
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